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Sovol SV01 vs Artillery Sidewinder X1

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FDM printers are everywhere and chances are they will be very much similar to each other as well which can make the shopping process a bit complicated. But, worry not because many of them are also very reliable despite the price point such as Sovol SV01 Vs Artillery Sidewinder X1. These machines may be affordable but they are very reliable and if you plan to buy one, let’s see what they can offer or what to expect from the machines below. 

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Care for Your FDM Printers
  • What are Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1
  • How are the Machine of Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1
  • How are the Build Volume of Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1
  • How are the Building Bed in Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1
  • How are the Extruder Design in Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1
  • What else Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1 can offer
  • Sovol SV01 Vs Artillery Sidewinder X1

Printer Maintenance

Just like most machines or tools and electronics, eventually they will wear out and reach the final stage which is a sign that we have to get a new one. FDM printers are not different and even with routine maintenance and proper care, they will need to be replaced by newer and more reliable machines after quite some time. However, the proper maintenance is required to make sure that the machine can last for as long as possible, moreover if they still work really well or adequate for your type of tasks.

The first step is preventive maintenance or the effort that we have to perform routinely in order to keep the machine running smoothly while reducing the chance of unexpected failures as you are using the machine. It also extends the lifecycle including the components the machine uses or the cost we may spend on changing them from time to time. Following how frequent the machine is used, we must do preventive maintenance just as often. The included actions involved light cleaning, inspection, lubricating, etc.

First check the machine and the main components; you may need a cloth or brush to also clean some of them in the process to prevent potential issues. Do check whether the cables are all tightly connected or if there is any damage. Especially the hot end, since this part is continuously heated and cooled down, it may need more attention. FDM machines rely on the Z axis to move up and down and when it dries it may not properly work.

To make sure the axes are moving smoothly, we may need to apply some sort or lubrication made for this type of application; the company may recommend some so it is wise to use the option for optimal result. It is important to make it move smoother but also preventing wear from repetitive contact. There are timing belts that are least placed on two axes but the tension may reduce from time to time. If it is too loose the belt can slack or even skip a tooth but being too tight also stresses the motor.

Preventive maintenance are usually light and don’t require much to spend but for the required tools or lubricant. But, there will be times when we need to plan the maintenance due to some failures that can’t be fixed with small efforts. This may involve changing the brass nozzle which may look very sturdy but will also wear as you are using it repetitively, deep cleaning on the hidden components that may gather dust or debris overtime, and firmware update. 

Sovol SV01 Artillery Sidewinder X1
Product Dimensions22 x 19 x 8.4 inches
30.25 x 21 x 9.75 inches
Shipping Weight29.5 pounds
36.38 Pounds
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About Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1

No matter how good the printer is or how expensive they are, we will still need to do routine maintenance to make sure that they will last for as long as possible and stay reliable when needed. It can be stressful when you need to print something but suddenly they are not working as expected. We also think it is great to invest on an entry-level machine for first owners so we can learn how to care and troubleshoot before moving into the better machines.

For those who are in the market to get a reliable machine but still quite affordable, Sovol and Artillery are two popular options to consider. Usually people are talking about Creality and we agree that this company is playing a huge role in offering good affordable machines for starters but, nowadays there are more to choose from. These two are carrying some of the most interesting options both for the entry-level and medium range.

If you will need a machine that can provide a larger print volume than typical cheap FDM printers, the Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1 are two impressive options from these brands. We don’t think they are cheap, especially X1 but if you need the capacity, this machine is very reliable even out of the box. We have talked about SV01 as one of the best choices such as in Sovol SV01 Vs Ender 3 V2 and this is because they come with some upgrades we often manually put in. 

In comparison, the X1 is probably more similar to the CR10 by Creality but not exactly the same. We think this machine is very capable and different but just like most machines, none are perfect and there are some concerns too. In terms of performance, they are good out of the box, have decent details and consistency, but you may need to tweak it further to achieve the best result so if you just want a reliable machine, both are equally good options. 

Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1 Design

Before checking what they can offer, let’s see the machines first. One of the best things about Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1 is they are coming almost ready. We will still need to put some parts together but it is much simpler than the first generation of Ender 3. We also love how they designed these machines because the internal components are all tucked below the bed, making the two look very streamlined or clean. The filament holder is also installed at the top so they may require a taller space.

The noticeable difference is from the control panel as you can see that X1 is using a color touch-screen to provide you with the menu and adjustment while the SV01 has this Ender 3 style display that is accessed using the round knob. As for the build quality, both machines are sturdy and seem to last for a pretty long time if maintained properly.

Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1 Capacity

Next for the most important part, let’s see what the Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1 can offer starting from the build volume. Most machines are coming with fixed build volume but in some cases like the Ender 3 we can buy an extension kit to increase the size along with capacity. These machines are larger than typical entry-level FDM printers to cover a build volume of 280 x 240 x 300 mm and 300 x 300 x 400 mm respectively.

Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1 Building Bed

Moving further, we want to talk about the building bed too which is very similar but different. For the material, they are equally using glass that is coated at the top to provide adhesive properties. The two work really well in providing a smooth surface but also help the object stick when it is heated. What’s different is the heating system because unlike most printers that use a DC heating bed, X1 is using the AC heating system and the best part is, it is very fast.

It seems for this printing surface Sidewinder is ultra-fast at heating the bed for less than a minute from zero to 60 degrees in which the SV01 is taking more time to provide the same temperature. The concern however, is how X1 directly mounts the heater under the glass sheet so there is a chance of electric shock when the connectors are exposed due to repetitive contact.

Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1 Extruder

We also want to talk about the extruder on these Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1 machines because they are not the same. The difference is because SV1 is using regular cable management while the X1 uses this ribbon cable which not only looks more fascinating but also cleaner and makes the management not as cumbersome. Our favorite is actually the direct drive system because usually people are upgrading to this style to improve the versatility of materials but they are already coming with it. 

Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1 Features

Lastly, we also want to talk about the added features in these machines because you can find both filament runout sensor and print resume functions on the Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1. The SV01 puts the sensor in a rather awkward position so you may have to remove it and adjust the placement. As for the performance, they are working really well and very useful but sadly there is no automatic levelling here unless you will invest more and install it manually.

Sovol SV01 vs Artillery Sidewinder X1

Both Sovol SV01 and Artillery Sidewinder X1 are good machines for what they can offer. We do think the Sidewinder X1 is worth paying for its larger build volume and super-fast heating time but, the design is not free from related concerns. The SV01 on the other hand is more moderate in build volume, with pretty good printing results and the same direct drive system.

- Direct Drive Extruder ★: Sovol SV01 features with direct drive extruder and dual Z lead screw, greatly increase its printing stability and maintains great printing quality even under high-speed printing. SV01 can support multiple filaments, such as PLA, TPU, ABS and etc.
- Meanwell Power Supply ★: Built-in branded Meanwell power supply ensures stable and sufficient power, heat up the hotbed and nozzle fast. Certified power supply also can protect your printer from unexpected power surges. SV01 is shipped partially assembled in 3 parts, Headache-Free to complete the whole assembly process. Takes approximately 20 minutes to assemble.
- Removable Glass Plate ★: This 3D printer comes with a flat glass plate on the regular heated bed, greatly resolving warped bed issues. No matter for small or large model, it can ensure you to get perfect layer lines every time.
- Semi-Assembled Kits ★: Sovol Direct Drive Extruder 3D Printer comes with several partially assembled kits, just only take you at most 30 minutes to assemble and install. very easy to assemble
- FAST AND PRECISE: The print speed can reach up to 150 mm/s, and with the Direct Drive Extruder, SW-X1 makes high quality print, especially for flexible filament. When it arrives on your doorstep, the Sidewinder X1 comes 95% pre-assembled, which makes installation easy as can be.
- RUNAWAY PROTECTION HEATBED: The printer has a direct drive extruder and a fast heating AC heat bed with built in thermal runaway protection, even if the board or the SSR malfunctioned, the bed won’t heat up endlessly until bad things happen. Additionally, the heated bed can heat up to 80C in 2 minutes and it only takes the 0.4mm nozzle about five minutes to heat up to 110°C. With the Lattice glass smooth headbed surface, it makes all types of filaments can be easily stick on
- MUCH STABLE PRINTING: There are 3 inductive sensor end stop separately set on XYZ axis while those non-touch, high-precision limit switches can automatically calibrate and maintain good stability under high-speed printing. Most importantly, features Synchronized Dual Z System, SW-X1 greatly increase its printing stability, also, the built in branded power supply ensure stable and sufficient power. Spend more time making without having to manually adjust the print bed.
- FILAMENT RUN-OUT+ POWER LOSS DETECTION & RECOVERY: Have you ever tripped over the power cord and lost a long hours print? SW-X1 will save you from the loss of power. When it recover from a power failure, the machine will continue to print. Also, it will automatically pauses your 3D print and notifies you when you've run out of filament, saving you time and money


You can go amazing with any of them based on which seems to benefit you the most. Personally we recommend the SV01 if you don’t need the extra build volume but if you will print larger objects than what SV01 can offer or want a faster machine, the Sidewinder is an amazing choice to go for.