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Sovol SV01 vs Artillery Genius

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Sovol and Artillery are two ideal options for those who want to get affordable but reliable 3D printers. They carry some of the most interesting options on the beginner range such as Sovol SV01 Vs Artillery Genius which are highly rated for the reliable performance and convenient if you will stay away from upgrading the machine in the near future. These machines print well and are easy to use too, but are not identical so if you plan to get one, let’s see what they can offer below. 

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are the Different Types of FDM Printers
  • What are Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius
  • How are the Machine of Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius
  • How are the Build Volume of Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius
  • How are the Building Bed in Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius
  • How are the Extruder in Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius
  • Sovol SV01 Vs Artillery Genius

FDM Printers Types

3D printers are very interesting for their ability to create actual objects from a digital design. Usually we are choosing between an FDM and SLA or resin printers for the basics but most beginners probably prefer using the FDM for their convenience. The machine is using a solid filament which is easier to deal with but also simpler. Unlike a resin machine, we can see the printing process clearly so it is probably more fascinating both in home application and in learning situations. 

But, FDM printers are available in various types based on the design. The most common is probably Cartesian style such as Artillery Hornet Vs Ender 3 and what most people think when you mention a 3D printer. As the name suggests, it is based on the Cartesian coordinate system in mathematics so there will be an X, Y, and Z axis to determine the correct position and direction of the print head. The Z axis is usually moved by the two frames that hold the extruder or the bed itself.

The next popular FDM printer is the Delta machine which is very easy to recognize because of the noticeably taller height and with round base or bottom. Unlike a Cartesian, this type of machine is using six-axis style and based on Delta technology but operating in Cartesian coordinates. This machine will have an extruder that is fixed at three triangular points and each one of them can move up and down to determine the position as well as direction of the extruder.

Next is Polar FDM printers and honestly we are not very familiar with this type of machine as well as it is quite rare. Unlike typical machines, it doesn’t position the coordinates by the three-axis but by an angle and length which means the plate rotates and moves at the same time while the extruder moves up and down. The advantage of this type of printer is that it only needs two engines while your typical Cartesian will need at least three of them.

Lastly, we are talking about the 3D printer with robotic arms and unlike most FDM printers, this is probably less likely to be used at home. Robotic arms itself has been used in the manufacturing facilities for assembling parts. Its advantage is because the mechanism is not fixed to a printing plate, the system itself will be more versatile and mobile. At least in the current development however, the print result won’t be as good as the more common mechanisms above.

Sovol SV01 Artillery Genius
Product Dimensions22 x 19 x 8.4 inches
16.93 x 15.35 x 20.08 inches
Shipping Weight29.5 pounds
19.62 Pounds
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About Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius

For most of us, the Cartesian or Delta machines will be ideal when it comes to home use whether it is for prototyping or for a hobby and if you are interested in the additive manufacturing process. They are also easier for beginners but Delta, in comparison, can be more complicated to troubleshoot which is why we always recommend to get a more common FDM machine for their ease of use and ease of troubleshooting in case you will meet with some issues later.

Thankfully, there are lots of affordable and reliable options already that you can opt for. Most brands that are known to create good printers are carrying a wide range of machines to fit and match with the budget or application including Sovol and Artillery. These two may not be as popular or hype as Creality but the machine’s quality is similarly amazing, depending on which model you will settle with. If you want something bigger or upgraded than an Ender 3, there are more than plenty to choose from.

For those who have used or want a similar machine to Ender 3 but is better, we recommend considering the Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius because they are all good alternatives but also more capable. They are not going to be as affordable as the original Ender 3 but, we do think the price gap is worth the upgrades they offer. In comparison, these machines are not exactly the same since it is a mixed experience so there are some we prefer on the SV01 and some are better on the Genius.

One of the reasons why many people want to buy either Sovol SV01 or Artillery Genius is probably for the extruder because both are using a direct drive system already, which is often what users have to upgrade on their Bowden style machines. However, if your goal is to make a bigger print or have a larger print bed, SV01 is actually slightly larger in comparison. In addition, it is cheaper as well if you like everything it can offer.

Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius Design

Before getting to know these printers further, let’s see their unit first and the best part is probably because they are almost ready. Not actually ready to print but we are left to only attach some parts and connect the cable. The build quality is very robust and firm to hold the printing process and additionally they are surprisingly quiet too, especially the Genius while it is printing in silent mode. We love how they manage the cables in this machine as it looks clean compared to SV01.

But, we are glad that at least they put the internal components below the build plate or on the base so the machine is visually clutter free. The price gap from SV01 is probably used to make a more attractive user interface because as you can see here, the Genius is coming with a touch-screen monitor which is not always present on beginner machines and it is in color too to make navigating the menu and adjusting the settings more pleasant. 

Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius Volume

Moving further, let’s see what the Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius can offer starting from the build volume. This is one of the most important parts in any printer because it has to be matched with the application and since not everyone will print the same objects or make the same size printing, our choice will vary too. For these machines, the size is more of a medium range at 280 x 240 x 300 mm and 220 x 220 x 250 mm respectively.

Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius Building Bed

Next let’s see the building bed of Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius which are very similar but different. Artillery has been known to use glass beds and is very fast in heating time and for this machine it comes equipped with Ultrabase which is also a glass bed but is now capable of heating faster to 100 degree Celsius in just under two minutes. Adhesion is not an issue for both machines but this fast heating time is supported by an AC heating system while SV01 has the more common DC heating.

Unfortunately none of these printers are featured with automatic bed-levelling yet which means we have to adjust it manually but personally we don’t have any issue when setting up the machine as they are very easy to level but, it would be much better if we can automatically level them just for the convenience. You can add BL-Touch on your own however because these machines already provide the connector for ease of upgrade.

Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius Extruder

Another part that put Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius apart is probably the cabling system in which why we said it looks better on the Genius because it is neater with the ribbon cable but, we have seen some user’s complaint about the less durable issues as the cable burnt over the repetitive movements. The SV01 probably looks less neat but it seems more reliable for prolonged use. On the extruder part both are already using direct drive which is great to see in an affordable machine as it improves the versatility of these printers.

Sovol SV01 vs Artillery Genius

There is a lot to notice from the Sovol SV01 and Artillery Genius because these are two very capable machines. The overall build quality is very robust and since they come almost ready to use, there are only few left to assemble from the parts and cables. The SV01 carries a higher build volume however so it can print larger objects but Genius is the cleaner looking machine with better user interface. As for the bed heating time, Genius is also faster with its AC heating plate.

In addition, both machines are using direct drive systems to improve the machine’s versatility when it comes to handling different materials while the two are also ready to be added with BL-touch sensors if you want to have the automatic levelling. 

- Direct Drive Extruder ★: Sovol SV01 features with direct drive extruder and dual Z lead screw, greatly increase its printing stability and maintains great printing quality even under high-speed printing. SV01 can support multiple filaments, such as PLA, TPU, ABS and etc.
- Meanwell Power Supply ★: Built-in branded Meanwell power supply ensures stable and sufficient power, heat up the hotbed and nozzle fast. Certified power supply also can protect your printer from unexpected power surges. SV01 is shipped partially assembled in 3 parts, Headache-Free to complete the whole assembly process. Takes approximately 20 minutes to assemble.
- Removable Glass Plate ★: This 3D printer comes with a flat glass plate on the regular heated bed, greatly resolving warped bed issues. No matter for small or large model, it can ensure you to get perfect layer lines every time.
- Semi-Assembled Kits ★: Sovol Direct Drive Extruder 3D Printer comes with several partially assembled kits, just only take you at most 30 minutes to assemble and install. very easy to assemble.
- Easy Installation & Stable Performance - 98% Pre-assembly, clean cable management, with full aluminum frame design, very stable structure.
- Failure Detection - Filament Run out Detection and Recovery. Resume your prints after power outage, goodbye to print job ruin by power failure.
- Synchronized Dual Z System - Make sure both side of the gantry move ups and downs the same height and at the same speed, ensure the X carriage always move parallel to the build plate, improved stability at high speed.
- Powerful High-Quality Accessories - With color touch screen control. Ultra-quiet Stepper Driver. High-precision Inductive sensor end stop for more precise positioning. Direct-drive extruder to support flexible materials.


There is no bad option between these machines but you have to choose based on which seems more attractive to your preference. Personally we will recommend the SV01 if you will use the extra build plate and this machine is also easy to use or upgrade later while being more affordable too.