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Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5 vs Elegoo Mars 

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When you hear about the printing press, what do you think? Of course, you will think about the printing tool that you usually use to print paper, right? The presence of a special 2D printing tool for paper or textile materials has been widely used by various groups, even its presence is mandatory in the workplace to educational institutions. However, currently, the printing tool is not only 2D but 3D.

With a special 3D printing tool, you can print any shape according to what you want. You not only print the image but also print the object at the volume that suits your needs. Whether you want to print 3D objects in smaller or larger sizes, you can choose everything with the existing 3D printing tools.

3D printing tools that have large or small volumes are presented by various technology companies that continue to innovate in each of their products. Among these companies, you will find the company Qidi Technology and Elegoo. Both Qidi and Elegoo, both offer products that already carry modern technology. With the technology presented, Qidi and Elegoo can present a sophisticated 3D printing tool that can meet all your needs.

Their 3D printer products such as Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5 and Elegoo Mars are among the advanced types of products that will not disappoint their users. The quality it carries is a high-class quality that offers exceptional printouts. You will experience for yourself how Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5 and Elegoo Mars work in peace while printing whatever shapes you want. So that these two products won’t bother you as long as you operate them.

To meet your needs, you can choose one of the two products. Can you choose which 3D printer is the best? Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5 or Elegoo Mars? Well, if you want to find which 3D printer is better to have, you can listen to the following explanation.

Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5

For under 200 dollars, you can bring home a 3D printer with the latest technology. Through Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5, you will get a printer with a comprehensive and precious design. The products offered with this luxurious appearance come with colours that look so elegant and attractive. Read also: Anycubic i3 Mega Vs Ender 5.

Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5 is equipped with a double Z-axis linear guide so that it provides a more stable performance. The structure that uses a unique dual-rail, double-slider fixed and equipped with 4 optical axis structure makes the printer stronger. This structure also gives the printer a high level of stability. As a result, the printer will not move easily while the printing process is in progress.

Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5Elegoo Mars 
Product Dimensions23.5 x 12.5 x 12 inches
22.3 x 11.2 x 11.2 inches
Shipping Weight20.9 pounds
18.9 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

This product also features a 2K HD masking Screen. This feature makes the printer sturdier with special high-strength tempered glass technology and integrated into the 2k LCD screen. With this technology, the results you will get while printing with this printer are smoother and more durable. Even the model is more convenient to leave the film after you finish printing. Besides, 2K LCD screen technology also improves printing accuracy.

The water circulation feature in the printer will help your print performance be better. The existence of a dual fan with activated carbon air filtration is very useful to minimize resin odour during 3D print jobs. With developed materials that have low odour, lightness and rigid resin properties, of course, this will make your printing results appear extraordinary and environmentally friendly.

Products equipped with all-aluminum CNC machining parts with plastic alloy casing and acrylic will make you have a printer with an aesthetic design. Besides, Qidi Tech also provides professional customer service 24 hours a day. The free one-year warranty that is presented will certainly make your 3D printer experience better.

Elegoo Mars

This 3D printer product manufactured by Elegoo is offered at a price of around 200 dollars. With this affordable price, you have got a high-quality product. The aluminium material used makes the product design that is presented look classy and also sturdy. Through this design, Elegoo Mars manages to appear with a stunning appearance.

Elegoo Mars comes with CHITUBOX Slicing Software. This software will give you an extraordinary experience. With only 1 minute to slice 30Mb .stl model files you can using the printer faster. Even if you use the open-sourced slicing software, then it would take up to 10minutes. CHITUBOX technology will also allow you to hollow out your model before slicing. So you can save your resin dramatically during the photocuring process.

Despite using the latest technology, 3D printers are very easy to use. If you use a printer equipped with 40W UV lights and ELEGOO resin, you can get a better printing result. The print you produce will be smoother and also more reliable according to what you want. The embedded touch screen display will also make it easier for you to make settings while the print process is in progress.

When using this printer, you will find a unique design that can make it easier for you to operate the machine. The steel ball design that is presented makes you only need the Z-axis to return to zero. After returning to zero, you can lock the levelling screw to start printing. Easy right? You can even start printing within 5 minutes after assembly.

Not only online, but you also do offline printing. You can do this via an integrated computer board for printing directly from USB. So you don’t have to connect it to the computer while printing. With the 2K HD masking LCD, you will get amazing prints. Elegoo Mars provides a one-year machine warranty that is ready to serve all your needs.

Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5 vs Elegoo Mars 

-【Latest QIDI 3d Printer】 QIDI Technology's latest LCD resin 3d printer, comprehensive leading industrial design, precision manufacturing .
-【Double Z-axis linear guide 】Shadow 5.5S adopts the highest stable structure: unique dual-rail, double-slider fixed, equipped with 4 optical axis structure, making the 3d printer more stable in the printing process, with stronger stretching force for precise printing!
-【 Convenient to use 】Shadow5.5s is equipped with special high-strength tempered glass and integrated into the 2k lcd screen. During the printing process, the release film is smoother and more durable, and the printing area is 115*65*150. Release film: After the model is printed, the model is more convenient to leave the film.
-【2K LCD Screen 】Shadow 5.5S is equipped with high-quality 2K lcd screen, which achieves fast curing through matrix ultraviolet light, improves printing accuracy, and thus makes printing result better.
-【 Refreshing and Safer Experience】Mars Pro comes with a silicone rubber seal that can be put on the cover to prevent the resin odor from leaking and keep them inside the cover. Built-in activated carbon can absorb and filter the resin odor before they are ventilated throughout the cooling fan, which gives you a refreshing and safer user experience
-【Light and Convenient 】Remodeled resin vat made of aluminum alloy is light yet sturdy. The USB port is relocated to the front for your convenience. Mars Pro uses a new user interface with a dark theme and simple design.
-【Quality Prints and Consistent Success】Matrix light source consists of 28 50Watt UV LED lights that have uniform light emission, ensuring superior printing results, a more accurate printing size
-【Warranty and Privilege 】We provide a 1-year warranty on the whole printer and 6-month warranty for the 2K LCD (FEP film is excluded).


After reading a few reviews above, it can be said that the better of the two is Elegoo Mars. Why is that? This is of course because Elegoo Mars is producing a finished print with better accuracy and precision. Apart from that, Elegoo Mars also has a slightly bigger build volume so that you can score better. Better print quality, a machine that can print offline and a more accurate printer structure make this printing machine worth having. However, if you want a 3D printer for under $ 200, you can still go for Qidi Tech Shadow 5.5.