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Lulzbot TAZ Pro VS Ultimaker S5

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3D printing is getting more popular and there are so many good options to start printing such as LulzBot TAZ Pro Vs Ultimaker S5. These printers are good for experienced users, beginners, or professionals who want a simple yet reliable machine for their purpose. They are not cheap but the best thing is they are also more convenient compared to entry-level options. If you wonder which of the two will be the better choice, let’s see the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Do You Need a 3D Printer
  • What are LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5
  • How are the Design of LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5
  • How are the Print Volume of LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5
  • How are the Building Bed of LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5
  • What else LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5 can offer
  • LulzBot TAZ Pro Vs Ultimaker S5

3D Printer Machine

When thinking about the tech we have today, it seems many of them are going to look impossible decades ago but they are here. If people say you can make almost anything with a single machine, it will probably pick your interest as well. This is what 3D printing or additive manufacturing is promising which is now getting more common too. However, just like anything, not everyone will benefit a lot from this method so it is wise to think about why you will want to get the machine in the first place.

There are some misconceptions about 3D printers and one of them is that you can make anything. Technically, it is true but do note that most of the materials we will be using in consumer machines are a type of plastic with a melting point. There are machines that can print with metal too but it is not something we usually have at home. The product’s design is also widely varied but you will either have to make it on your own or download the file.

Downloading is great as you can get a quick start with the machine as well as don’t need to spend much time working on the designing software but, there may be limitations to download; not about the amount but about the satisfaction itself. It can get boring very quickly if we only rely on other people’s designs because 3D printing and the designing software should open up the world of creativity we have in mind which makes the user have to own the skill too.

Because the material is also limited, it means the product that we can make including the function will also be limited. Yes we can make, let’s say robot costumes for cosplay events in your area but it doesn’t mean we can print fabric or leather for the more common occasions. There will always be a limit for what we can make with the machine so the saying that we can make anything is not completely correct.

In addition, there is this popular thought that 3D printing will save you some money because we can just print the product, especially those used around the house conveniently with the machine. It is not completely true either because household products are mass manufactured so they are in general cheaper compared to how we have to buy the machine, filament or material, spending the time printing it, providing maintenance, etc. that we have to do when using a 3D printer.

Lulzbot TAZ ProUltimaker S5
Product Dimensions34.75 x 25.75 x 11.75 inches23.62 x 25.59 x 30.71 inches
Shipping Weight40 Pounds45.3 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5

We do think the wise reason to buy a 3D printer is because you enjoy the process of 3D printing itself or need the machine’s ability in the hobby, learning process, or professionally using them such as prototyping the products you want to make. 3D printing comes with varying technical difficulties so not only the money but we will need to spend the time to figure out the problems and fix them. Thankfully there are lots of huge communities out there that can be a great source for the solution.

For the machine, typically low-entry models will be the simpler as well but they are not the best when it comes to reliability while on the other hand the expensive choice will most likely be the more convenient and easy to use. If you are professionally using this machine or will be using them in the learning process, the LulzBot and Ultimaker are two impressive options to consider. Unlike many other printers, they are working well with less effort, making them pleasant to use as well.

Their machines are popular among prosumers who need a reliable machine for their project and just don’t have time to tweak or manually upgrade them. It is fun to build your own machine but many of us prefer something that is already amazing out of the box and this is what the LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5 will offer. These printers are far from cheap but the reason why they are loved by many is because you can rely on them for always working well across multiple printing processes.

In comparison, the TAZ Pro is more affordable but it is still far from typical entry-level machines such as Creality CR 6 SE Vs Ender 3 Pro. We like the S5 because it gives you a large build volume which is important to consider in every printer depending on what you will be making in the machine. Features wise they are also rich and in this part we will give the crown to S5 again because this machine carries a certain feature not offered by the TAZ Pro.

LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5 Design

From the outside, LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5 are already very different because one is an open-style machine while the latter is an enclosed type. Depending on how you want the machine to be, it is probably safer to have enclosed one in a learning situation like class or in the house especially if you have small children and pets but from the printing purpose, enclosure is necessary for some type of material where the temperature needs to be maintained inside the enclosure.

From the build quality there is nothing to complain about these machines because they are very robust and almost ready to use out of the box. They are also different from the mechanism because S5 is moving the print bed in Z axis while the TAZ Pro keeps it at the same level just moving in Z axis instead. From the control panel it is undoubtedly more pleasant to work with touch sensitive screens like what these machines can offer. You can also find the USB port at the front for ease of access.

LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5 Capacity 

Moving further, let’s see what the LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5 can offer starting from the volume or build capacity first. This is an important factor to notice when getting a printer because they come with a fixed capacity based on the construction which makes it difficult to increase them later especially if the machine is not designed to be upgraded this way. In comparison the S5 is actually noticeably larger even compared to the S3 at 330 x 240 x 300 mm while the TAZ Pro is 280 x 280 x 285 mm.

LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5 Building Bed

Next we want to talk about the building bed on these machines and they are also different here with the TAZ Pro using this PEI-coated print bed which is easy to maintain as we can just wipe the surface using paper towel but, it is not as convenient as the glass bed that comes with the S5 which probably more familiar with more makers and also easier to remove from the heating plate. To fix the print bed of TAZ Pro we will need to replace the PEI sheet when it gets damaged.

When it comes to performance it seems LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5 are just as good for the adhesion or you can also add some helper like glue and spray when needed. What we love the most from the print bed is actually the levelling because you don’t need to do this setup manually and just let the machine do its job. Impressively this feature works really well too, removing the need for manual leveling that some machines will always need before printing.

LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5 Features

We also want to talk about the features that you can find on these printers since the S5 is almost like a complete system here. This printer is not only convenient but also comes with a camera inside the printing chamber. This camera will transmit the situation in your printing chamber so we can see it when not around. This feature is not free from issues however because there are times when the image just go black while printing so do expect this type of issue if using the feature.


Both LulzBot TAZ Pro and Ultimaker S5 are good machines based on what they can offer and how they perform. The print results with these printers are very good and the fact that they can work repetitively without much fuss is an excellent thing to rely on these machines. The S5 is more expensive however with the larger build volume, camera, full enclosure, as well as convenient print bed. We also love how you can print remotely from Cura to S5.

- Print multiple materials and soluble supports with dual, vertically actuated E3D hot ends (Max temp: 300°C).
- Enjoy the industry's widest selection of ready-to-print materials including high-strength and high-heat filaments that are too abrasive for other machines.
- Large 280 mm x 280 mm x 285 mm build volume.
- Manufactured in Colorado with premium components, rugged metal design, and backed by the industry's highest rated technical support.
- Newest large-format 3D printer from Ultimaker
- Dual extrusion capability for multi material prints
- Premium materials used in construction. Heated bed smooths prints and allows for
- ABS printing. The innovative Print Core system allows for simple swapping of hot ends


There is no bad option but it should be based on your own preference. Personally we recommend the TAZ Pro if you don’t need the mentioned feature but if things like full enclosure, camera, and remote printing are necessary, we will recommend the S5.