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Longer Orange 30 Vs Orange 10

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You’ve made the decision to buy a 3D printer, but still not sure what machine to buy? Longer is a forward-thinking company, leading this technology. The question is now, what model will best your requirements. Will the Longer Orange 10 be the one for you, or is the Longer Orange 30 more your style? Keep reading to discover more about what both have to offer.

Longer Orange 10

If you’re looking for a decent 3D printer that’s well-made, efficient, and doesn’t cost a fortune, then be sure to feast your eyes on the Longer Orange 10 3D Printer. It may be an entry level machine, but it offers enough functionality to keep even the most eager of enthusiasts entertained.

Unfortunately, the Orange 10 does not come pre-assembled. That being said, it is pretty easy to put together and can be done in less than 15 minutes.

Longer Orange 30Longer Orange 10
Product Dimensions20.75 x 10.75 x 10 inches18.8 x 9.2 x 9.1 inches
Shipping Weight19.1 pounds15.15 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The first benefit to mention that this machine has to offer is that it’s a UV light curving LCD printer, meaning the precision and quality is much better than an FDM printer can produce. On top of that, it’s also a very easy printer to use. The full color 2.8” touchscreen is very responsive and clearly displays your model before printing. 

It has a moderate printing size of 3.86” x 2.17” x 5.5”, and an LCD resolution of 854*480. And, it uses a manual levelling process in which to build items. While this may be a slightly less accurate approach than auto levelling, it’s actually much easier. Another great quality the Orange 10 3D printer has to offer is its super-fast slicing capabilities.

Thanks to Longer’s own self-developed software, slicinga 100m file takes just 1 minute.The machine is also equipped with parallel LED lighting. This not only improves the overall print quality, but it also strengthens the substrate adhesion while shortening the curing time.

Longer Orange 30

A slight upgrade from the Orange 10, the Orange 30 has the amazing capabilities of its predecessor, and more. As with the old model, some minor assembly is required, but again, it’s nice and simple and won’t take very long, especially if following one of the 16 helpful videos made especially for this machine. Now, on to the upgrades.

If you have an FDM 3D printer, you have probably spent hours on bed leveling and have had to make many adjustments to get that perfect first layer. Leveling the bed on the Orange 30 is a dream. You take off the resin vat, cover the screen with two playing cards (which are provided), loosen 4 bolts, lower the bed onto the cards, then tighten the bolts, and voila!!! It takes a whole two minutes to level the bed! Even better than that, I have not had to re-level since my initial setup.

Firstly, the newer model has a bigger printing area – 4.72” x 2.68” x 6.69” to be exact. It also has a massively improved LCD screen resolution (2560*1440). The cooling system is also much better than that which is integrated into the Orange 10, cooling your items much faster.

The other main difference between them both is while both offer an offline connection, the Orange 30 has a traditional, modern USB slot and comes equipped with a flash drive. The Orange 10, however, uses a dated micro SD slot, which are a little too small for my liking. Splicing speeds are the same on both models.

Longer Orange 30 Vs Orange 10

So you may be wondering why I would be excited with a Longer Orange 30 vs. the Longer Orange 10 that I already own. Let us look at how the 30 has some very distinct advantages:

The Orange 10 print size is 98mm/55mm/140mm. The Orange 30’s is 120mm/68mm/170. Many of you may think that is not much of an advantage, but based on all of the 3D models I have printed with both printers an extra 20mm here and there feels like miles. The Orange 10 limits you to minis, jewelry, and a few other things you have to break up into pieces, whereas the Orange 30 can handle busts, terrain, and much larger pieces. That will save you a lot of time and grief having to figure out how to cut them up in editing software.

Resolution is another major upgrade in the Orange 30. The resolution in the Orange 10 is 854×480, while the Orange 30 is a whopping 2560×1440. This will make your prints far sharper and give them magnificent detail.

Both offer an off-line connection, but the 10 uses a micro SD slot (which will turn your dark hair white trying to fit it in) whereas the 30 has a traditional USB slot and comes with a flash drive (which will keep you young and healthy). Read also: Creality CR 10S Pro Vs Ender 3.

-【High Precision & Larger Printing Size】Orange 30 is a higher precision resin 3d printer, with built-in 2k LCD screen at 2560x1440 resolution and 47.25µm pixel size, offering bigger size of printing at 4.72 x 2.68x 6.69 inches; Improved solid linear guide and special slider design to enhance the accuracy and stability of Z axis.
-【Uniform Matrix UV Lighting】Integrated with matrix UV LED arrays, Orange 30 provides better printing performance since the matrix illumination provides better uniformity, higher intensity and shorter time of curing.
-【Easy Operation & Fast Slicing】 Full color touch screen. Real-time printing status preview. Easy leveling. Upgraded trough with scale, more convenient. LONGER self-developed slicing software, output 100M slicing file in 1 minute, 3 times faster. Smart support generation in one-click. Also supported by CHITUBOX.
-【Fast Cooling & High Temperature Warning System】Temperature detection system included. The system will stop printing when temperature is too high. Equipped with high efficiency cooling system to improve lifespan of this 3D printer.
- SLA 3D Printer. Rapid prototyping, big printing size with precise details. Valued entry-level LCD light curing 3D printer.
- Smart Supports Generation. One-click generates supports with cross-link enhanced structure, easy to add, modify or delete supports.
- User Friendly. The resin 3D printer with 2.8' full color touch screen, a friendly interactive interface allows you to preview and monitor print status in real-time.
- Fast Slicing. Longer self-developed slicing software allows you to quickly output 100M slicing file within 1 minute.


Both the Longer Orange 10 and 30 are excellent choices when looking to purchase a new 3D printer. Both feature the same easy-to-use touchscreen, and both are more than capable of printing a wide range of quality items. However, if you’re able to spend a little bit more investing in the Orange 30, it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed. Not only can you print bigger things with this model, but you get a higher screen resolution in which to see a clearer preview image of what your finished product will look like.

You also get more for your money in terms of the upgraded cooling system which enables you to dry your work much faster. All-in-all, both are sturdy machines that were built to last. And both will do the job of 3D printing very well. So really, it just comes down to what you need to print and how quick you want it finished.