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3D Printers are very popular because they are handy and getting more affordable. The FLSUN SR Vs QQ-S Pro are ideal options for users who want to build taller items and fast machines to finish their tasks quickly. These models are Delta variants that typically have a higher capacity along the Z-axis, and they are perfect for experienced owners. If you wonder which printer to invest in, let’s see what they can offer below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is Delta 3D Printer
  • What are FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro
  • How is the Printer of FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro
  • How is the Capacity of FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro
  • How is the Building Bed of FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro
  • How is the Bed Leveling in FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro
  • How is the Extruder in FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro
  • How is the Experience with FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro
  • FLSUN SR Vs QQ-S Pro

Delta 3D Printer

3D printers vary, and you can shop depending on what you want to build. The purpose of the machine is an essential aspect to decide before you invest an amount because not everyone has the same goal and preferences. Today’s popular printers are FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling, such as Ender 3, ideal for new users and enthusiasts who want to know more about the printer’s mechanism. Some FDM printers like Adventurer 3 from FlashForge are ideal for people who want to get the job done.

Another popular type of 3D printer is the Delta machine which may not be suitable for beginners but has its charm for some people. You can quickly tell a Delta printer by the shape because they are tall and has a round build plate. The base is a triangle and supports the mechanism using three tall frames that also hold the hot end. This machine is fascinating and has some advantages over the typical FDM printers like FlashForge Guider 2 Vs Adventurer 4.

Delta printers use the exact core mechanism and material as typical FDM printers or Cartesian style, but they focus on fast printing. This printer has heavy motors and extruders installed in a fixed position at the top to let the hot end move quickly during the printing process. Unlike most FDM printers, the bed stays the same place while the hot end does all the job. You may notice that the build bed is considerably small, but the build volume is much taller than popular Cartesian models.

Product Dimensions35 x 14 x 8 inches 30.08 x 19.37 x 6.22 inches
Shipping Weight33.6 pounds30.07 Pounds
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About FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro

If your goal is to buy a fast printer, have a high print quality, and are interested in how the Delta machine works, it is great to have one. We debate whether to add the last factor because it doesn’t affect the overall performance, but sometimes we want something because they look fascinating, and the Delta printer looks very cool while working. However, you must consider the budget too because this variant is usually more expensive and difficult to troubleshoot, especially for beginners.

Nowadays, 3D printers are widely available, and they are getting more affordable, which is a great thing because then more people can enjoy the technology. The FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro are some of the best Delta printers in the budget range and are perfect for users who want to try this type of printer without investing much. These close siblings are very similar and produce excellent print, but they are also different. You may wonder why spending on SR Super Racer when QQ-S Pro is cheaper.

The SR Super Racer is the newer Delta machine from FLSUN, and it is not just fast but produces stunning prints out of the box. The printer also has improved parts, such as a Volcano-style hot end, which improves print quality. But, it doesn’t mean that QQ-S Pro is a bad option because it is also very capable of delivering good results. We think if your goal is to get a fast machine, the Super Racer is worth purchasing, but if you don’t consider this factor, the QQ-S Pro is a budget choice with excellent capability.

The main difference between FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro is the printing speed and improvement in some parts of the machine. However, the overall features and capacities are similar to give you a great experience. If this is your first 3D printer or you have never used one before, we recommend starting with the Cartesian variant because they are easier to use.

FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro Printers

One of the best parts of buying a Delta printer is the lack of setup because some come pre-assembled. Putting together pieces of a machine is not something we usually enjoy because it increases the chance of messing up and affecting the performance. However, the FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro are not completely assembled out of the box, so we suggest sparing time to put almost all the pieces together. The rectangle base and ceiling are apart, and all three pillars are also separated.

We are unsure why some sellers call this printer pre-assembly because they are not, and this is an essential factor if you have an injury that prevents your hand or body from moving much. These Delta printers are about the same size, but SR Super Racer is bulkier, with the frame only measuring 440 x 390 x 960 mm and weighing 13.6 kg. The QQ-S Pro is still huge at 286 x 348 x 780 mm and weighs approximately 13 kg. While assembling both printers is quite challenging, the material quality is superb.

FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro Capacity 

Before buying any printer, you need to know what to make. Some people will be fine with petite 3D printers because they only need to create miniatures for larger mechanisms or are interested in how a 3D printer works. But, some people will create an original size model, a whole working tool, or a finished product ready to use. The FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro are perfect for this purpose, with a build capacity of 255 x 365 mm and 260 x 330 mm, respectively.

FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro Building Bed

Next is the bed, which similarly uses glass with a texture to help adhesion. Many people favor the glass bed because they usually work well and create a smooth print surface. But, there is also the possibility of an adhesion issue, mainly if you use varying filament types. While PLA and ABS usually work fine, the PETG can be frustratingly difficult to dial. The nature of Delta printers that can work on tall items is also an issue because they seem to work nicely at the beginning and somehow peel off in the middle.

We suggest the first fix by adding glue and adjusting the temperature. You can also check the height and clean the re-level of the bed. This issue seems to be prevalent for PETG material only, so there should be no worry if you only use PLA or ABS.

FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro Bed Leveling 

While some materials can be hard to deal with, both FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro come with auto-leveling, one of our favorite features in any 3D printer. We assume everyone wants a convenient machine, and this feature cuts some setup process, considering leveling is a must, and you will do it many times. These printers use the same leveling method where you need to attach and detach the sensor every time using the feature; a little bit inconvenient, but we’ll get used to it.

First, clean your print bed with alcohol by wiping the surface and removing any excess filament on the nozzle. Second, attach the leveling sensor at both ends to the printer. The probe is a magnet that holds itself in place. Third, choose the feature from their touch-screen, and the software will do the leveling for you. Remove the sensor when done and store the sensor where you can find it easily for future usage.

FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro Extruder

As for the extruder mechanism, both FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro use Titan geared extruder, but Super Racer uses Volcano hot end while the QQ-S Pro uses a hot end similar to their older V5 printer. The maximum hot-end temperature is the same because the older machine can operate from 240-260 degree Celsius, exactly what FLSUN claims for the Super Racer. However, they have different maximum print speeds because QQ-S Pro is maxed at 150mm/s, and SR can print up to 200mm/s.


Lastly is the printing experience because this is the best part of FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro. While some filaments do not stick well to the glass bed, and sometimes we have to tweak the height as leveling is not always perfect, the overall performance and print quality are excellent. We don’t notice meaningful differences in print quality, but the speed can make a noticeable upgrade. However, we recommend using the slower setting if your main goal is to achieve the best-looking prints with these machines.


Like most FDM printers, the FLSUN SR and QQ-S Pro are upgradeable for enthusiasts. The main differences are speed and capacity because SR boasts high-speed printing for users who don’t want to wait too long for their items to finish printing. The capacity is different, but they don’t make much improvement. The QQ-S Pro is also a fast machine and can create similarly impressive print at a lower cost than SR.

- 200mm/s High-Speed Printing & 2800+ mm/s² acceleration & Three-Axis Linkage Technology; Equipped 3 x 48W High-Power stepper motor and Three-axis linkage technology support a normal printing speed of Flsun Super Racer (SR) 3D printer up to 200mm/s and 2800+ mm/s² acceleration, enjoy instant high speed printing while maintaining the same molding precision quality, 200% faster than industry standard, enable you save more than half of printing time.
- Φ260X330mm Large Printing Size; Large printing volume 10.2"(L) x 10.2"(W) x 13"(H) / 260 x 260 x 330mm.
- Linear Rail Guide; High-precision linear rail guide, providing higher printing accuracy and stability, and lower noise.
- Auto-Leveling System & Resume Printing Function & Removable Lattice Bed ; Automatic leveling system, easy to start printing, Flsun Super Racer 3D printer has the ability to resume printing even after a power outage or lapse occurs, Coated lattice glass platform, good filament viscosity, replaceable design.
- All Metal Structure: Use high quality metal meterial, more stable, get better printing precision.
- Touch Screen Support: 3.2 Inch TFT touch screen, easy to use.
- Power off Continue: Support Power off continue, when the power is off, it is easy to continue when power on.
- Very Quiet: When the printer working, the invoice is very small. when printing, there is just about 50 dB.


The decision is yours because we don’t see any wrong option here. We recommend the QQ-S Pro because it is more cost-effective and has the same features as the SR machine. You can upgrade the machine’s components to achieve greater reliability and print results.