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FLSUN QQ S Vs Anycubic Predator

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3D Printers are getting more affordable and people are more aware of their benefits as well as working mechanisms. Depending on what you plan to print, the options are abundant out there such as the FLSUN QQ S Vs Anycubic Predator that are ideal for application in larger volume. These Delta models are especially good for producing taller objects and if you wonder which of the two will be the better choice, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Delta Printer
  • What are FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator
  • How are the Build of FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator
  • How are the Printing Bed in FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator
  • How are the Extruder in FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator
  • What else FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator can offer
  • How are the Performance of FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator
  • FLSUN QQ S Vs Anycubic Predator

Cartesian and Delta Printer

Our technology has advanced a lot in the last few decades and in modern days more people are exposed to the information easier than how our parents used to be. There are lots of machines or devices most people may not familiar yet such as a 3D printer which are actually very interesting to learn or to have if you need their capabilities. 3D printers are not exactly new tech but they are getting accessible for wider users and mainstream markets with the availability of software and material to work with.

When talking about 3D printers, most people will think about a boxy machine with moving parts inside moving in X and Y, and Z axis and this is what a Cartsian machine looks like but, there is actually another type of machine called Delta printer and this is not a brand name but a type or mechanism. Delta printer is the one that has a circular building plate instead of rectangular and they are very tall compared to similar Cartesian models, with three supports above its platform.

The Cartesian are called so because the machine is moving along the Cartesian plane and thus you will see them moving at X, Y, and Z axis rods yet the exact movement can vary depending how the machine is designed such as the extruder or bed can move left and right or forwards and backwards including up and down. On the other hand Delta model doesn’t follow the XYZ rods but uses an extruder which is supported using three arms and attached to vertical posts arranged in a triangle.

There are three arms and each one of them can only move up and down but since they can move independently, the extruder on its tip can move to any direction. While both Cartesian models such as Ultimaker 3 Vs S3 and Delta printers have the same parts from bed, extruder, and motor, the arrangement is different and if a model is made with Cartesian printer compared to a Delta model, the result will be the same as long as the printer is working well and using the same material or software setting.

FLSUN QQ SAnycubic Predator
Product Dimensions30 x 19.5 x 6.1 inches22.83 x 20.47 x 40.16 inches
Shipping Weight29.5 pounds54.01 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

There are always pros and cons to anything and so is the Delta printer which makes it in general less popular than the Cartesian variant. The biggest advantage is always the height and is more efficient as well as it is faster in comparison to regular box printers while also comparable in quality; it depends on a lot of factors. The downside is they are pretty small or narrow so users who plan to build larger volume not on the height may want to consider.

About FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator

We also have to be more knowledgeable when deciding to buy a Delta model since they are not as user-friendly as the Cartesian printers so if this is your first time using or owning a 3D printer, we highly suggest to start with a regular box printer. Since the community is not as huge as the Cartesian model, there are times we have to deal with troubleshooting by ourselves which is why only users with more experience usually bought this model.

If you are interested in the quality, speed, or volume of a Delta printer then getting one is a great decision. There are plenty to choose from despite not as many as the Cartesian variant but we do think they are getting more popular as well with the growing familiarity of 3D printers. Among those, FLSUN and Anycubic are two brands that carry the collection for consumer range. These are pretty well-known names in the market and chances you have heard about them as well.

These brands carry various models to consider and you can also find Cartesian or Delta machines based on which will fit in your application the most. For Delta users, the FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator are two amazing options to consider with their capabilities and ideal for almost any seasoned users who are used to Delta design. These are Chinese brands and their goal to make the technology available for the masses is a great idea so then everyone can get the advantage of these creativity machines.

The QQ S is exactly what you expect as the upgrade of the original QQ which was released only about six months before. This new model is carrying some improvements over the former machine and one of the new additions is their Lattice Platform. On the other hand Anycubic is not very well-known for Delta printers unlike the Cartesian variants where they have lots of popular machines. The Predator is a fresh breeze and probably also the largest they have in the collection.

FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator Design

Just like how most Cartesian printers are looking like each other, the FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator are also going to look like any Delta models you can find out there. They are very prominent in height but in comparison the Predator will be slightly taller and with a filament roller at the top, some people may prefer to put them on a low platform or at the floor for ease of access. Build quality wise, they are very reliable and robust so they won’t vibrate when in operation.

Another prominent difference is probably the way these printers place their processor because the QQ S has it below the bed just like most printers while the Predator installed it above the housing which makes the frames have to support this weight as well. Both do have a small touch-sensitive display to navigate the menu and use the machine. Coming pre-assembled, we need to spare some time putting everything together.

FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator Printing Bed

Starting from the basics, let’s see what FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator can offer and for the base, they are using Lattice bed and Ultrabase Pro which are coming from these brands themselves. The Lattice bed as the name suggests is offering a high-strength lattice composite coating to help fast heating and less warping along with providing strong adhesion while you are printing yet will still be easy when removed. This tech comes after Ultrabase which was offering such quality first with their porous coating for strong adhesion.

For beginners, both of these bases will need to be leveled up before using the printer which is an integral part to achieve best printing result but, since they are stuck to the bottom and not moving on the Z axis, we will only need to do this once. In addition, as for the highest temperature, these beds are capable of heating up to 100 degree Celsius.

FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator Extruder

Just like most filament printers, FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator are using single extruder system but the QQ S boast the Titan model which is new on this machine but there is very little we know about them besides supposedly can reach higher a temperature than many alternatives at 270 degree compared to Predator extruder at 250 degree. Out of the box they are using the same nozzle or the 0.4mm one but you can always use different sizing that match with the application such as 0.2 for a more detailed result.

FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator Features

On the feature part we want to mention that these printers are already using 32-bit motherboard to control and assign every tasks to every part of the machine and we love to hear that they offer convenient leveling as well, especially from Predator since it has sensors that detect the bed and automatically leveling it while the Ultrabase itself is available on other machines as third-party option, they doesn’t automatically support the auto-leveling .On the other hand the QQ S also has a one-click auto-leveling.

FLSUN QQ S and Anycubic Predator Performance 

Print quality is really good with any of the machines but then again it mostly depends on how users tweak them. We do hope they have better customer service for when you can’t seem to make use of certain functions or troubleshoot them. For experienced users we don’t see any problem and they are just like most filament printers in action expect for the speed since they are faster. Predators can be safer to use for larger printing however not only for the capacity but also filament sensor.

FLSUN QQ S Vs Anycubic Predator

These machines are working really well but not very friendly for new users. The print quality is good and they are faster as well but side by side for comparison the Predator is taller and this machine can produce not only taller models but also wider objects with a 370 by 455mm volume compared to 260 by 320. It also has a sensor for filament and equally great heating bed for adhesion.

- FLSUN-QQ-S Pre-assembled 3d printer: √ WIFI remote controller √ The Lattice galss platform √ Three fan for effector √ Double fan cooling system for board √ SD card including instruction files and software √ 3.2 inch Touch Screen
- FLSUN-QQ-S Pre-assembled 3d printer: √ WIFI remote controller √ Three fan for effector √ Double fan cooling system for board √ SD card including instruction files and software √ 3.2 inch Touch Screen
- φ255X360mm printing size, big is the last word: same price, larger size, free your imagination
- Noise below 50 dB, wifi control,Ultrahigh printing speed: Print faster than the average printer about 30%,support flexible filament
- Solid metal construction: Heavy duty DELTA structure, minimum shaking during printing.
- With Auto Leveller: Automatically detect 37 points, supports real-time adjustment Real-time nozzle height adjusting. Easy Leveling,Save your much time and effort on print bed levelling.
- Huge Build Volume: 370mm(D)*455mm(H) - big space for creation.
- Flying Extruder: Better results on flexible filament.


There is no bad option between the two and you can go amazing with any of them but we do like the Predator better and recommend this machine if you need the bigger build volume as well as convenience especially with their sensor and auto bed leveling.