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A printer is a tool that is sought after by everyone to meet their daily printing needs. Usually, the ones that need a printer the most at all times are workplaces and places of study or educational institutions. However, do only educational institutions and companies need printers to print stacks of paper every day? Of course not.

Everyone, not limited to certain individuals. All individuals have the right and may use the printer for personal and public use. Because of different needs, everyone certainly needs a different model of printing equipment. Some need paper printing tools, cloth printing tools and even printing tools for objects that have volume.

For a printing press that has volume, people call it a 3d printer. A 3d printer is designed with the main function of printing various kinds of objects that have volume without any shape limits. So it can be said that a 3d printer presents all the shapes whatever you want. With a 3d printer, you can print something you couldn’t print before. Interesting right?

Various brands of 3d printers have appeared on the market to meet the increasing needs of everyone. One of the popular 3d printer brands is FLSUN. This brand is one of the manufacturers of 3D printers whose quality is guaranteed. FLSUN has various series of printer products that can be used as needed with a variety of different features. Among the many FLSUN products, there are the FLSUN Q5 and QQ S series. These two series are among the recommended products from FLSUN.

The printing power presented by the two products is obvious and beyond doubt. You can try one of these two products if you want to have a 3D printer with high power. For a perfect print, which one of the two would you choose? To find the right answer, you can pay attention to the following brief review.


FLSUN Q5 is one of the best products from the FLSUN manufacturer which is very worthy to have. This 3d printer product, which is offered for less than 300 dollars, has a high-performance suitable for consumers and schools. Designs that bring outstanding print quality, will always give you extraordinary print results.

Product Dimensions24.9 x 13.7 x 6.2 inches30 x 19.5 x 6.1 inches
Shipping Weight17.31 pounds29.5 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

FLSUN Q5 has an attractive appearance with a very easy to use design. The TFT touch screen feature of the Q5 displays full-colour and multi-languages ​​that is presented to make it easier for anyone who uses this printer. Also, the auto-levelling feature of the existing model boasts a lattice platform and has strong adhesion which also helps you to remove it easily.

This 3d printer series has a high level of intelligence that is presented in the power breaking point function. This feature is also commonly called the continue printing feature from the last one used. So when the machine turns off while you are printing, then you don’t need to repeat printing from the beginning. You only need to continue the print that you have done so that it is faster.

The machine presented by this printing machine has a stunning modern appearance that has been chosen by many 3d printer users. For a 3d printer with a size of 200 X 200 mm, the FLSUN Q5 can be said to have met what you need. You can use prints that look perfect in the size that suits your needs. You can print any shape you want with heats of up to 110 ℃.

This 3d printer can last a long time so it is arguably more durable. If you use this printer, you won’t need to buy a 3d printer again shortly because the printer can work well even though it’s been used for a while. This will also make you friendlier. They produce consistent results offered will certainly make anyone who uses this printer to feel more satisfied with the simple to assemble and operate features it provides.


FLSUN QQ S 3d printer product is a 3d printing machine that has a very low noise level. This product is predicted to be a high-class product from FLSUN. With a price that is almost touching the 400 dollar mark, FLSUN QQ S has become a high-tech 3d printer product. FLSUN QQ S has a major focus on developing high quality and high-performance 3D printers.

Comes in a size of 225 X 360 mm, this printer offers a larger print result. This printer is an option for those of you who are looking for larger surface areas alongside high-speed printing services. Designed in a modern style, this 3d printer comes with an all-metal structure. The appearance of this product will look more sharp and precise.

The FLSUN QQ S performance is arguably always stable during use. Moreover, this product has very easy access to use with the touch screen. The touch screen display that is presented shows that printer technology is modern. Also, there is a practical power off continue function. This feature allows you to continue what you have stopped. Even when the power suddenly turns off and the printer stops printing, you can continue printing at the last time of the process if the power is reconnected.

Be extremely quiet in operation, FLSUN QQ S offers on some of the most professional of results all-round. The printout from this printer will look satisfying with better detail. You can feel how this printer works well through its optimal work results.

The pre-assembled model that is on this printer certainly helps the printer to perform well in an extraordinary appearance. With a high print speed, this 3d printer is capable of heats of up to 100 ℃. You can get everything you need at affordable prices offered by FLSUN QQ S. Read also: Anycubic i3 Mega Vs Creality Ender 3.


- Touch screen
- Auto-leveling
- XYZ--TMC2208
- Lattice glass hot bed
- Touch screen support: 3.2 Inch tft touch screen
- Wifi module: add wifi module, can control by phone, more smart, easy use.
- Power off continue: support power off continue, when the power is off, it is easy to continue when power on.
- Very quiet: when the printer working, the noise is very small. when printing, there is just about 50 dB.


The two products above offer equally sophisticated features in terms of technology. But between the two the best is FLSUN Q5. Even though FLSUN QQ S looks more luxurious and more expensive, FLSUN Q5 has better performance. FLSUN Q5 has a larger heating capacity of 110 ℃. Besides, the FLSUN Q5 offers a flatter bed construction, which ensures stability throughout. This printer is very suitable for use by beginners or professionals at a more affordable price.