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Flashforge Adventurer 3 VS Finder

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The world of printer technology keeps developing, including when a 3D printer is started to launch and give a magnificent result for printing world. Some of the available brands in the market including Flashforge Adventurer 3 VS Finder. These two products were developed from the different companies and launched with specific features. For those who interest to get a new 3D printer but then feeling confused about which product is the more suitable one, the next paragraphs will help to give a clear overview of Flashforde Adventurer 3 VS Finder.

About Flashforge

Flashforge is a company that focuses on the development of 3D printers. The brand is establishing in the year 2011 in Zhejiang, China. Supported with great research and development teams, the brandable to produce various types of 3D printer and keep performing better innovation to create a 3D printer according to the market preference. Some of the products including the Adventurer 3 series and Finder series. For more details on the features of this product and what are the pros and cons of each series, the following paragraphs will help to define more.

Flashforge Adventurer 3 Flashforge Finder
Product Dimensions20.2 x 18.9 x 16.7 inches20 x 19.9 x 19.2 inches
Shipping Weight27.25 pounds28.25 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Features of Flashforge Adventurer 3

The first 3D printer to discuss is Flashforge Adventurer 3. This product is a desktop 3D printer created with several great features. It is a suitable choice to use for family, school students or events for the workshop. It has a friendly design and user friendly to use too. For more information on the features of the printer, the following is the list of the specification of Flashforge Adventurer 3.

  • Provided with a minimalist design with a compact and closer printer chamber.
  • Design with a lightweight and portable concept so that can be using for home, for school, and an office.
  • Provided with creative filament feeding design in the inlet and able to load and unload via a touchscreen.
  • Provided with a 2-8inch color touch screen that helps the user to easily look at the printing status in real-time.
  • Completed with a heatable platform that can reach up to 100deg Celsius of temperature.
  • Supports with 5 connectivity to help the user print the object quickly and simply. It can connect through a wireless connection such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it is also can use through a USB connection.
  • Provided with a built-in camera and cloud system to ease monitoring.
  • Comes with a build volume of 150x150x150mm with layer resolution reach up to 0.4mm and print resolution is 0.2mm.
  • Low noise level less than 45 dB and suitable for working environment up to 30 deg Celcius.

Features of Finder

The next series is Finder, this product is designed more for home using and suitable for kid’s education. It is a good product to use for a beginner that is completed with various interesting features. According to the official webpage, Flashforge Finder has several features as listed in the following points:

  • Design with a slide-in build plate to help an easy performing.
  • Assisted bed leveling to provide a better result of printing.
  • The heated components are safely encased so that it will not harm the user.
  • Build volume design with the size of 140x140x140mm.
  • Design with a distinctive model that comes with attractive red color.
  • Provided with a patent extruder and an easily removable platform base.
  • Featured with a 3.5inch touchscreen panel that helps to bring information for the user.
  • Provided with a USB stick and compatible with Wi-Fi connection to use so that can easily connect with the wireless technology.
  • Consists of low noise operation as low as 50dB and even less so that the printer will not result in noisy sound when using. It is suitable for home printing.

Pros and Cons of Each 3D Printer

If we look at the above information and features, we can see that Flashforge Adventurer 3 VS Finder will have several differences pros and cons to consider. Therefore, it is important to check what are these differences in overall. Starting with the pro of Flashforge Adventurer 3 that consists of the following:

  • Construction volume is quite wide, 15x15x15cm,
  • Provided with 3D Cloud online platform, therefore the file can save and share through this feature.
  • While unfortunately, the product has cons such as:
  • The instruction to operate the printer can sometimes experience errors and not clear.
  • The printer is not compatible with large kind of filament.
  • The next product is Finder that has several pros as listed below:
  • Supported with a filament alarm and calibration system.
  • Provided with a 3.5inch touch screen.
  • Comes with an ultra-quiet operation of a maximum of 50 dB.
  • Comes with 4G storage for data transmission and ISO9001 certified.
  • While for the cons including the following:
  • No heat for the printing plate and might have distortion when using the large objects.
  • Limited space for installation.


Even the two products come from the same brand, it doesn’t mean that both are selling at the same price. Therefore, after looking at the features of each product, then the next thing to consider is the overall price of the product. Starting with Flashforge Adventurer 3 which selling at $300 while Flashforge Finder is selling at $250. From this information, it can see that even that both are selling at the same level of price, but overall Flashforge Adventurer 3 is more expensive to get. Read also: Elegoo Mars 2 vs Mars 2 Pro.

Flashforge Adventurer 3 VS Finder

- For ease of cleaning. Making removal and installation of nozzle easy.
- An intuitive UI interface provides simple operation and ease of reading to printer's status.
- Ultra quiet printing operation providing pleasant printing experience in classrooms, homes, and offices.
- Printing will be suspended when filament is broken or run out, and printing will be resumed after filament is detected and loaded.
- Slide-in build plate allows you to draw it out of the printer and then remove the finished 3D prints more easily. At the same time, it can minimize damages or offsets to the build plate.
- The patented nozzle structure has been upgraded several times and the wire is more even and smooth, which all improve the surface quality of model and lower risks of extruding jams.
- Finder Lite features an intuitive calibration detection system to assist leveling. you’re well instructed with clear messages on the touchscreen display. And all of these make calibration much easier and more precise.
- Out of box,lower energy. A fun STEM educational experience in mechanical engineering and electronics.


If we look at the price above, it can be seen that both are selling at the same level. However, you will find that Flashforge Finder is selling at a cheaper price. Therefore, for those who plan to buy the 3D printer only for home using for the children, then considering the cheaper product can be an advantage.

However, if you wish to get a bigger volume to build and more specifications inside the 3D printer, then you shall consider selecting Flashforge Adventurer 3. That is why the product also suitable for office and workshop using. Since the printer was completed with more advanced features compared with the Flashforge Finder. Therefore, for an additional $50 you can get a better product and a bigger 3D printer for those require to print bigger objects for the final.