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Ender 5 Pro vs Cr 20 Pro 

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What do you first think about 3DPrinter? Yes, It’s obviously printing something with 3D products as a result. But actually It’s more than that. The 3D Products can be used for printing any kind of things now and probably more in the future. It can create movie film property, toys, even medical props for students and so many others. 

3D Printers is used in many types of industries. It is used in automotive, aviation, construction, consumer products, healthcare, aerospace, food, and even education. For consumer products, It’s used to make footwear, eyewear, and jewelry. In medical, It’s used for dental, and bioprinting. 3DPrinters works in a way that It starts with a 3D model  which you can use several types of tools for example 3D scanner, application, haptic device, code, and software application which we can see so many of them in YouTube video tutorials. 

In terms of type itself, there are so many 3DPrinters out there, which we can divide to several type like SLA (Stereolithography), SLS (Selective Laser Sintering), FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), DLP (Digital Light Process), MJF (Multi Jet Fusion), PolyJet, DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering), and the last one is EBM (Electron Beam Melting). Different types of 3D Printers are divided by different ways to work to make 3D products. It depends on how It works, what’s the compositions, and methods. There are so many 3D Printers machines or tools or brands in the world and what we’re going to discuss and compare here is brands Ender between Ender 5 Pro and Ender 20 Pro. Let’s check it out. 

What is inside Ender 5 Pro? 

Ender 5 is actually divided into 3 different series and Ender 5 Pro is one of them. The other two are Ender 5 and Ender 5 Plus. Before Creality came with Ender 5, there were several types of Ender 3 with almost similar series but different features. Ender 5 Pro is highlighted with intelligent, 3D space, and sturdy cubic structure. It looks transparent and neat so you can monitor the process better. Read also: Ender 5 Pro vs CR10S.

Actually, there are no specific features coming from Ender 5 Pro If we compare it to the previous one Ender 3, but some adjustment and enhancement is actually packed to this product and It will be the main features of Ender 5 Pro. What are they? First is the upgraded mainboard. If you are aware of devices, you may know that the mainboard is basically the main brain of the machine or tools, the same with computers.

Ender 5 ProCr 20 Pro 

Product Dimensions8.66 x 8.66 x 11.81 inches19.1 x 18.7 x 11.1 inches
Shipping Weight28.66 Pounds23.45 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

So upgraded brain means the brain works better than previously and It will affect the whole results or the whole tools which is a good start for Ender 5 Pro. The upgraded mainboard in Ender 5 Pro benefitted this tool with a quieter machine. It works more precisely in the terms of performance. It is embedded with Marlin 1.1.8 and Bootloader so It will keep the machine or tools from reaching high temperatures. So, It takes more time for it to get into a high temperature situation compared with previous series. 

The next feature is a metal extruder frame which makes the Ender 5 Pro more durable so It can provide stronger pressure while pushing filament through the 3D printer’s nozzle. It’s another benefit which can improve performance of the printer. 

Another great improvement in this Ender 5 Pro 3DPrinter is new and improved filament tubing. It’s good to prevent the filament from buckling inside of the tube. Some good points coming from Ender 5 Pro needs to be noted by user are Ender 5 Pro are enable double performance in single machine, removable platform, genius design, compatible for DIY, independent, stable feeding and wear resisting with resulted stable output, avoid you to worry about power outage because It can resume your works nicely, and of course with high standards. 

What is inside Ender 20 Pro?

Ender 20 Pro has a simple but exquisite slogan as It is equipped with an upgraded chip which makes matrix automatic levelling available as the main features. It can be so useful for users who sometimes have level trouble. What are the main other features? First Ender 20 Pro is equipped with a 4+2 screw which means two modules and only needs six screws so that It can be quick in the installation process. 

Second is integrated module design which enables to be more creative and allows you to get as many ideas as possible. It also has a newly Cmagnetic sticker so no need for you to prepare glue and textured paper anymore to remove the models. It of course will cut a little bit of your budget in producing 3D products. 

The same feature with previous Ender 5 Pro, this Ender 20 Pro also enables you to resume your work whenever you need it whether It is power off or other reasons. So no need to worry when you’re working on a more complicated design with more time needed. 

Ender 5 Pro vs Cr 20 Pro 

- Creality Ender 5 Upgraded with Creality V1.1.5 silent motherboard TMC2208 Driver Pre-installed; Upgraded Metal Extruder Kits; Upraded Imported Blue Capricorn Bowden PTFE Filament Tube;
- Ender 5 Pro with High-Precision Printing Quality; Equipped with dual Y axis motors and down-shift Z axis, moving more smoothly, fewer points of failure and fewer headaches. Ender 5 - Upgrade Built-in brand power supply, heat up the hot bed to - 110℃ in 5 minutes.
- Ender 5 Pro with Resume Printing Function: The printer is shielded by its power supply from voltage spikes and power outages. If electrical power is lost, prints can be resumed from the last layer, saving time and reducing waste.
- Ender 5 Plus comes with several partially assembled kits, very easy to assemble and allow you to learn about the basic construction of 3D printer.
-【Quick Installation】CR 20 is shipped of the kit: Effectively reduce transportation costs. The two modules, 4+2 screws, can be quickly installed in just 5 minutes.
-【Model Easier Removal】CR 20 is with a C-magnetic Quickly remove and self-adhesive platform, assist the model easier removed with good result.
-【More Safe and Realiable】CR 20 Come with the upgraded V2.1 motherboard all-upgrade, quality assurance, industrial-grade process, 200 hours of continuous printing without pressure, the firmware is certainly equipped with thermal runaway protection for safety ensured.
-【Resume Printing Function】 Unlike Ender 3 3d printer, CR 20 has the ability to resume printing while power-off, Effectively reduces the model rejection caused by power failure.

Which one is the best 3D Printer for you? 

Have you seen the main features and what It can offer you? Now take a look at the prices, It’s pretty similar to each other. Ender 5 Pro costs you about USD $ 379.00 or 5,700,000 IDR while on the other hand Ender 20 Pro costs you only about USD $10 gap or 150,000 IDR. It became harder to choose between the two, not only because the prices are pretty similar to each other but also the features.

Although Ender 20 Pro is a different series, the main feature is quite similar to Ender 5 Pro. The main difference that we can see from each other is Ender 20 Pro equipped with automatic leveling while Ender 5 Pro enables a quieter process. So, It’s similar in quality, you can choose depending on your preference. Quieter process or automatic levelling. As both are not significant features in that way It can impact the results, so Ender 5 Pro is better to have as your 3D Printer machine.