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Ender 5 Plus Vs ANYCUBIC Chiron

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There are lots of good 3D printers out there such as the Ender 5 Plus Vs ANYCUBIC Chiron. These printers are not only affordable but also easy to use and what’s more important they are capable of creating amazing print results. Being different machines from different manufacturers, they are also quite different so before deciding to choose one, let’s see what they can offer below so then we can decide which of them will be the better choice or fit in your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Consider Before Buying a 3D Printer
  • What are Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron
  • What Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron Look Like
  • How are the Bed Plate on Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron
  • How are the Z Axis on Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron
  • What else Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron can offer
  • How are the Performance of Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron
  • Ender 5 Plus Vs ANYCUBIC Chiron

3D Printer

3D printers are getting more popular nowadays, moreover with the growing amount of machines by various different brands, especially on the entry-level range. The price point matters because not all people can spend lots of money to buy their machine and the filament options but, it doesn’t mean that just any machine will be a great option. If you are going to buy a new 3D printer, it is good to consider some of these few factors just to make sure we are making the best decision.

Ender 5 Plus ANYCUBIC Chiron
Product Dimensions29.2 x 29.2 x 12.3 inches29.3 x 26.1 x 10.4 inches
Shipping Weight54.25 Pounds20.5 Pounds
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Printer Type

This is the first factor that we always think when buying a new printer because there are actually lots of them out there and choosing the technology can be very confusing for beginners. But, in general chances are between FDM and SLA for home use and in addition there is laser based or SLS if this meant for manufacturing purpose. FDM machines like Creality Ender 3 Pro Vs Ender 3 V2 are entry-level choices for enthusiasts while also being easier to deal with.

SLA printers on the other hand use liquid resin to create the model and harden the material with UV light so it can give better detail but a bit messy to work with. Laser based machines use powder material that fuse together with the laser but usually this type of machine is meant for a more professional or bigger manufacturing purpose.

Buying or Building Printer

Buying printers is convenient and as they are getting cheaper, the option also increases but, do you know that it is possible to build them at home? This is what some people are doing especially enthusiasts because they want the machine matching with their specific preference. There are various third-party products allowing owners to build their own machine and just like how we built PCs, it is great since you can design and choose the exact component and end-result as you want.

The consideration is building a printer takes time and not everyone will have the time or knowledge and patience to learn what they need to know in order to make the machine work hence buying a prebuilt printer is just the right decision for most people.

Printing Material

Just like a regular paper printer, your 3D printer will need certain material to make the object and not every printer can work with just any material. To know this we also have to check the pros and cons of your preferred material. For example, PLA which is used by FDM printers is biodegradable and eco-friendly but also cools very fast and avoids problems like warping but, while they are versatile for most of the time, it can be a challenge to make interlocking parts with them.

About Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron

If you are here then we assume the printer that you need must be capable of creating a huge model and for this type of application an FDM model is the most ideal option since they tend to come in a varying building capacity while also easier to handle even when printing large objects. You may won’t find any bigger machines on the entry-level such as $200 so at least we have to prepare at around twice or three times the budget.

As for the machine, you can choose from a huge range of options based on which seems best for you but, usually any popular brands are offering good machines out of the box while with some improvement they can be much better. Talking about FDM 3D printers, there are many reliable manufacturers out there but only few are prominent and two of them are Creality and ANYCUBIC. These are often the go-to of most buyers as they are proven to give good performance yet, they also carry various options.

These options may bring some confusion since some of them are also very much the same to each other with differences mostly on the details. For those who are going to build a large model such as making a costume or creating a bigger object with their printer, Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron are two ideal options to consider. They are huge printers and to have them we have to spend more than $500 yet, capacity is what we can’t get from cheaper models.

Both Creality and ANYCUBIC are popular names and their machines are mostly satisfactory out of the box just like these Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron. They are giving a good impression just like the smaller brothers but being a different model coming from different manufacturers you can hope to see some differences here as well, especially on how the printer works or moving on their axis.

Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron Design

We are sure you can already guess what’s so different from these huge printers because as you can see, the Ender 5 line including this 5 Plus is using a four pillars system instead of two like in the Ender 3 or CR machines. The four pillars system now moves the printer’s hot head in both X and Y axis instead of Z and X axis like what the Chrion uses. Some people say this increases the stability but in our opinion they seem to be about the same.

They are quite huge in comparison to the $200 typical FDM printers but since the Chiron installs its filament roll on the outside of the machine, it looks wider compared to how Ender 5 Plus now keeps your space more compact by pulling the roller inside the machine itself. From material quality, they are all metal and need some assemblance when first come so we have to spare some time as well but for sturdiness we have no complaint at all.

Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron Bed Plate

Moving further, let’s see what Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron can offer to you and starting with the bed plate, as you can see both of them are using the glass bed plate that comes in the box. Depending on which fits you the most, both magnetic and glass plates can be a great choice but personally we are more towards the magnetic one as it is easier to pull off the surface and there is no need to use the spatula as well when removing the model.

For the actual capacity itself, your Chiron is a bit larger than the 5 Plus because while Ender is capable of printing an object as big as 350mm wide by 350mm long and 400mm tall, your Chiron is adding 50mm on each dimension to create a slightly bigger model.

Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron Z Axis

The axis movement is different as now your Ender 5 Plus bed will move in Z axis so the main screw will need to be very robust and since it will hold a large model that is certainly heavier as well, this machine use dual Z screw unlike on the older Ender 5 and this is why they are more reliable. The Z axis is about 4 millimeter and this is very thick to make sure your bed plate is stable to prevent any related issue.

Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron Feature

The next part we want to talk about is their convenient feature and this is because they are coming with auto bed levelling. This function will detect the bed in real time and adjust the bed height but performance wise they are a bit different especially with Ender 5 Plus because many have reported that the levelling is a bit off, probably from the motherboard itself. In Chiron they are going to take time but to save the manual effort, it is indeed convenient and pretty reliable.

Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron Performance

Now let’s talk about the print result and this what matters in our opinion but in comparison, we do think Ender 5 Plus and ANYCUBIC Chiron will just look like the most common entry-level, smaller FDM models out there. The amount of details are there, they are overall really well in delivering a good result. Some stringing and bending is present as well but it can be tweaked further and right out of the box they are already performing well.

Ender 5 Plus Vs ANYCUBIC Chiron

In comparison we do think any of these huge 3D printers are going to be a good option based on the print result alone. The prominent differences are on the mechanism as now your Ender bed plate is moving on the Z axis so the bed stability can be an issue and in addition this model is more compact but also uses the blue Capricorn tube already. On the other hand Chiron has much better semi-auto levelling but will need more space to work with.

- BLTouch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor: It can precisely measure the tilt of hot bed surface and offers Z axis leveling compensation. Saving your time and reducing waste.
- Equipped with Two Lead Screws on Z Axis: The hot bed was held stably on Z axis frames, no worry about bed wobbling and dropping, fewer points of failure and fewer headaches.
- Dual Y Axis Motors: Y axis dual shaft motor and down-shift Z axis, moving more smoothly, ensure high precision printing.
- Easy to Assemble and Operate: Ender 5 Plus uses touch color screen for easy and quick operation. It comes with several partially assembled kits, very easy to assemble and allow you to learn about the basic construction of 3D printer.
- Huge Build Volume: 15.75'' x 15.75'' x 17.72''(400*400*450mm), more space for creation.
- Semi-auto Leveling: Automatically detect 25 points, supports real-time adjustment, real-time nozzle height adjusting. Note: Please make auto leveling module contact well with the printer, we have upgraded the wire of the module for better connection.
- High Quality Extruder: Compatible with more filaments, provides better printing experience of flexibles.
- Dual Z Axis Switches: Photoelectric limit switch offers more stable levelness of the print bed.


All in all there is no perfect option and there is no bad machine between the two. Personally if you just want a good machine straight out of the box, we do recommend getting Chiron because this printer doesn’t have many complaints but if you want to perform some upgrade, 5 Plus can be a great choice as well.