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Elegoo Saturn vs Mars 2 Pro 

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Currently, the development of increasingly modern technology has penetrated in various fields. As in the print industry, you will find a sophisticated printing machine. The sophisticated printing press that was found has great benefits to meet human needs. With modern technology in the world of printing, everyone can print whatever they want more easily.

Modern printing tools that are widely used today are 3D printers. What is a 3D printer? A 3D printer is a printing tool that can work well for printing various objects that have volume or 3D. All various forms of objects can be printed easily through 3D printers provided by technology companies. Thanks to the efforts of the developers, 3D printer products can be enjoyed by everyone around the world.

It is no secret that the presence of 3D printers cannot be separated from the hard work of the related companies. Companies that do have commercial goals continue to strive to present products that can meet human needs while making profits. How can a 3D printer company attract buyers to increase sales? The best way that can be done is to produce quality products that are in great demand.

Many companies have succeeded in producing quality 3D printer products so that they can survive in the market. One example is Elegoo. As a brand that has been trusted by various groups, Elegoo introduces various kinds of 3D printer products that you can try whenever you want. Among the many products, you can consider trying Elegoo Saturn and Mars 2 Pro.

Through professional hands, the two products have succeeded in becoming a 3D printer that is trusted for its quality. Both the Elegoo Saturn and Mars 2 Pro, both provide satisfying print results. This 3D printer that can work optimally is perfect for use by beginners or experts. Then, can you decide which one is the winner between Elegoo Saturn and Mars 2 Pro? To help you answer, you can pay attention to the following description.

Elegoo Saturn

As one of Elegoo’s superior products, this 3D printer is offered at a price of around $ 400. With this price, you will already get a variety of advantages that are packaged in one product. Through modern technology it carries, this product can work at a better speed. Optimal print speed makes printer jobs complete faster. Read also: Artillery Genius vs Anycubic i3 Mega.

Elegoo Saturn comes with an 8.9-inch 4K Monochrome LCD with HD 3840 x 2400 resolution which is capable of providing extraordinary printing results. So you don’t have to worry about the print out of this product. This product is suitable for those of you who are looking for a printing machine with a larger volume. The large printing volume of 192 * 120 * 200mm will allow you to print multiple full-size models at the same time.

Elegoo SaturnMars 2 Pro 
Product Dimensions23.5 x 13.1 x 11.7 inches21.7 x 11.3 x 11.1 inches
Shipping Weight21.3 Pounds18.45 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Elegoo Saturn can do a better job of increasing your productivity dramatically. The presence of Z-axis which is equipped with a double linear directional guide structure will allow the product to move more optimally. This motion will allow the printer to print more fully with greatly improved motion accuracy.

The Elegoo Saturn has an Ethernet port on the back. This feature is equipped with an internal 4 GB data disk that will support your storage needs. Through this feature, you can transfer files over an existing local area network. The presence of this feature is also very useful for a fast printing process.

Elegoo Saturn always manages to deliver quality printouts. This quality comes consistently that is supported by matrix light sources. This light source consists of 54 UV LED lamps with uniform light emission that work well for superior printing results. Even this technology has also contributed to providing a more accurate print size. So that the printed results are more perfect.

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro

This product, which is included in one of Elegoo’s flagship products, has a design that looks attractive with a charming shape. For only about 300 dollars, you can get a complete 3D printer product with superior quality. As a quality product, you will get satisfying print results. Every print you make with this product will feel more detailed.

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro comes with a 6.08-inch monochrome LCD with a modern 2K HD resolution. Through this technology, you only need 2 seconds per layer of exposure to cure the resin in the printer. This will come in handy for significantly increasing your printing efficiency. The mono LCD material used in this product has a longer service life.

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro also has stable performance during long-run printing due to its mono LCD technology. The use of technology can help you save costs. The presence of a new light source structure that works well in providing a more even emission of UV rays can provide more accurate print results.

Elegoo Mars 2 Pro is equipped with a 2K mono LCD which makes it even more superior. This technology can provide more accurate printing details and precision. Products equipped with CNC machined aluminium bodies make this product a very tough machine. You can enjoy consistent printing success thanks to the performance of the newly designed sandblast building plate.

Elegoo Saturn is even more perfect with the addition of a built-in activated carbon that can absorb resin fumes. This feature can help you in having a refreshing printing experience. This product becomes more attractive with support for 12 types of languages. So that customers around the world can operate 3D printers more easily without language constraints.

Elegoo Saturn vs Mars 2 Pro 

-【Larger build volume】Saturn has a large printing volume of 192*120*200mm/7.55in*4.72in*7.87in, and you can print multiple full-sized models at the same time, which can dramatically improve your productivity.
-【Higher precision and easier printing】Z-axis utilizes a double linear guide-way structure, which can achieve steadier motion and greatly enhanced moving accuracy. With the Ethernet port on the back and 4 GB built-in data disk, Saturn now supports file transfer through your local area network, which is very handy for fast printing.
-【Quality Prints and Consistent Success】Matrix light source consists of 54 UV LED lights with uniform light emission, ensuring superior print results and a more accurate printing size. The set screws on the build plate assure long-lasting leveling, no need for frequent calibration, and the sandblasted surface provides a much stronger adherence, especially when printing large 3D models.
-【Warranty and Service】We provide a 1-year warranty on the whole printer (4K LCD, FEP film, and tool kit excluded). Replacement parts will be shipped from the overseas warehouse to offer you quality and fast customer service.
-【Outstanding prints and ultra accuracy】Brand new light source structure provides more even UV light emission and working together with 2K mono LCD, the printing details and precision are greatly improved and the 3D printed models are fascinating.
-【Sturdy build quality】CNC machined aluminum body makes Mars 2 Pro a very formidable machine. Newly-designed sandblasted build plate has a much stronger adherence during printing and enables consistent printing success. Built-in active carbon could absorb the fume of resin and offer you a refreshing printing experience.
-【Multi language interface】Mars 2 Pro now supports 12 kinds of languages so customers across the world could operate the 3D printer more conveniently without barriers. The newly added 10 languages are Japanese, Dutch, Korean, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese.
-【Warranty and Service】We provide a 1-year warranty on the whole printer and 6-month warranty for the 2K LCD (FEP film is excluded). Mars 2 Pro comes with 2 extra FEP films for you to replace the original one if needed.


Based on this brief review, it can be said that the biggest one between the two products is Elegoo Saturn. For a higher price, you will get superior print results. Apart from that, Elegoo Saturn also has a more stable performance than Elegoo Mars 2 Pro. The prints by Elegoo Saturn have a higher degree of accuracy and are more accurate. So this product is more recommended than Elegoo Mars 2 Pro. However, if the Elegoo Saturn is too expensive for you, you can still choose the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro which works quite well.