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Elegoo Saturn 2 Vs Saturn S

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Elegoo has many good resin printers, such as the Elegoo Saturn 2 Vs Saturn S from the Saturn line. These printers are similar since they come from the same lineup but are far in specs, and you may like one better. These printers are an excellent choice for those who want a reliable and compact machine, so let’s see what they can offer and which fits you best.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What are the Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S?
  • How is the Design of Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S?
  • How is the Build Volume of Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S?
  • How is the Resolution of Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S?
  • How is the Light Assembly in Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S?
  • How is the Performance of Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S?
  • Elegoo Saturn 2 Vs Saturn S
  • Which Elegoo Printer to Buy?
Elegoo Saturn 2Elegoo Saturn S
Product Dimensions9.8 x 8.6 x 4.8 inches
24 x 14 x 13 inches
Shipping Weight24.2 pounds
29 pounds
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About the Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S

Many are familiar with Elegoo because it is one of the most popular 3D printer manufacturers, especially for resin printers. This company has many options, such as the Saturn line, a popular model with several iterations to meet different preferences. If you want a reliable yet affordable printer, the Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S are some of the most promising options from this lineup. As always, Elegoo improved the higher model to justify the higher price range, and the winner is Saturn S2. Read also: Elegoo Saturn 2 Vs Saturn 8K.

The Saturn collection is a good start to finding a high-resolution machine. Still, the Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S are different in the most basic specs or resolution, with Saturn S being one of the most popular 4K resin printers and Saturn 2 updating it with 8K resolution, giving you more incredible details, perfect for the more demanding application. The other specs are also different because these printers are in different price ranges and ideal for different users; the Saturn S is suitable for beginners.

On the other hand, Saturn 2 is excellent for experienced users, especially those who have used entry-level resin printers and need something with a higher build volume and resolution. These printers are relatively easy to use because the setup is more straightforward than an FDM printer, but ensure that you have followed the proper safety guide because resin fume is toxic. The price difference is noticeable, and Saturn S can be the best choice for beginners.

Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S Design

As you can see, the Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S are identical in design. The printers have a red plastic dome, so you can see the printing process while the fume is kept inside and through the filter. The form factor differs because Saturn S is the smaller printer, but both are relatively compact. The base or bottom houses the light assembly and a transparent surface below the vat. The top elements are the panel to hold your building plate and the transparent dome.

Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S Build Volume

The first thing you should see in a 3D printer is the printing capacity because not everyone has the same projects and preferences. The Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S are different in their building capacity, with the Saturn 2 being a bigger machine with a bigger capacity at  218.88 x 123.12 x 250 mm versus the Saturn S at 196 x 122 x 210 mm. The Saturn S is a bigger printer and a better choice for those who want to keep the machine for a long time, as the capacity is not upgradeable.

We recommend the Saturn 2 because it is a safer choice, but you can also get the Saturn S if build capacity is not an issue. This printer is also cheaper and gives a good price for the specs and performance.

Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S Resolution

The next notable difference between Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S is resolution, which is crucial to deciding the details of your printed objects. Everyone wants the highest resolution possible because it gives a professional result for whatever you are working on. But not everyone needs the same machine, and in this case, the Saturn 2 is a higher model with a higher 8K resolution, while the Saturn S is an entry-level machine with a 4K resolution. While not as impressive as 8K, the 4K resolution is safe for most people, especially beginners.

Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S Light Assembly

Liquid resin requires UV light to cure or harden the material and create the model-based, and these printers also have different light assemblies. One of the biggest upgrades in Saturn 2 is this UV LED light because the machine now uses a Fresnel Collimating light source, which is claimed to have 92% light uniformity for better performance and reliability. On the other hand, the Saturn S has the same light assembly as the older model with 54 LEDs array, which has been proven to work well.

Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S Performance

Lastly, we want to see the performance of Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S. These printers are some of the best and most easy-to-use models you can buy. The main reason is reliability because the print results are fantastic. Most people purchase these printers to make small items with great details like toys and smaller parts of a bigger functional thing. The details are amazing, and both machines produce satisfying results. You can easily notice the smaller details, like face elements and feathers on bigger wings. Read also: Elegoo Saturn 2 Vs Mars 3.

The Saturn 2 has slightly sharper details, but the Saturn S is just a little behind. Depending on the model you print, the difference may not be visible with plain eyes. From the performance part, these printers are almost identical, and you will be happy with either; the difference is mostly in size.

Elegoo Saturn 2 Vs Saturn S

Choosing the best printer can be challenging, but Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn S are some of the safest choices you can buy today. These printers are quite different in specs because the Saturn 2 is the more expensive and higher model for those who can spend the budget. It is also a massive leap from the original Saturn with a larger build volume, higher resolution, and more powerful light assembly, assuring you get the best performance for the budget. The Saturn S is similar to the original machine, with minor improvements.

-【8K Ultra-High Resolution】7680x4320 pixels LCD screen is packed into Saturn 2, enable to print out works at 28µm high XY resolution, and render the tiniest of features in lifelike detail. All of the prints’ surfaces will be clean and smooth
-【Bigger 10” Mono LCD】10” monochrome LCD and taller Z axis make a jump in printing size, 219x123x250mm/8.6x4.8x9.8 inch large build volume lets your creations have more possibilities. Tempered glass screen protector is added for defense against scratches and resin spills
-【Light Source with Fresnel Lens】Newly design Fresnel collimating light source allows for a uniform light beam across the entire LCD screen and an acclaimed light uniformity of 92%, essential for batch production and large prints
-【For Better Printing Experience】Build-in activated carbon reducing bad odor of resin, and a removable panel on the UV covers is great for those who want to use exhaust system, offering a more comfortable experience. ATTENTION USB port next to the vat is for odor reducing facility ONLY
-【Get More Done in Less Time】With a 9.1-inch 4K HD Monochrome LCD and printing time per layer of just 2-3 seconds, the Saturn S 3D printer is faster and more efficient than ever before.
-【Print Bigger and Better】With a larger printing volume of 7.7x14.80x8.26in³, you can print bigger, more complex parts or multiple small models at once, saving you time and effort.
-【Achieve Unmatched Precision】The matrix light source of 54 UV LEDs emits optimal uniform light beam of 405nm wavelength for rapid prototyping, ensuring a sleek and delicate surface of 3D printed model and a more accurate printing size.
-【Built to Last】The Z-axis adopts a double linear guide-way shock absorption unit, with an accuracy of 0.00125mm for more stable and accurate moving to reduce the risk of layer shifting. The build plate with sandblasted surface has a stronger adhesion, and the set screws on which have long-lasting leveling performance without frequent calibration.


The decision is yours because both printers are impressive and equally reliable. We recommend the Saturn S for beginners and new users who get into the hobby because the machine is cheaper, with decent build volume and impressive performance. But we suggest choosing the Saturn 2 for those who want a better printer and are willing to spend the budget because this machine is more expensive than the Saturn S.