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Elegoo Saturn 2 Vs Saturn 8K

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Elegoos has some of the best resing printers, such as the Elegoo Saturn 2 Vs Saturn 8K. These printers carry high-res technology to print high-res models at an affordable price. While offering the same capabilities, some differences may affect your decision, and today we will see what they can offer, the differences, and which you may like better.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What are the Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K?
  • How is the Design of Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K?
  • How is the Build Volume in Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K?
  • How is the UV LED Assembly in Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K?
  • How is the Resolution of Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K?
  • How is the Performance of Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K?
  • Elegoo Saturn 2 Vs Saturn 8K
  • Which Elegoo Resin Printer to Buy?
Elegoo Saturn 2Elegoo Saturn 8K
Product Dimensions9.8 x 8.6 x 4.8 inches
20 x 15 x 13 inches
Shipping Weight24.2 pounds
29 pounds
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About Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K

3D printing was a niche hobby, but not anymore because the gear is more accessible, and more people doing the hobby means more resources to help you start. Depending on specs and abilities, the printer’s cost varies, but we must first choose between the FDM and a resin printer. Resin printers are slower but generally better for creating detailed items due to the liquid material and its curing process using UV light. Not everyone has the same goals. Thus it is best to consider which fits you best. Read also: Elegoo Saturn 2 Vs Mars 3.

If you often print model that requires greater details, the Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K are some of the best options in the budget range. These printers are on the same line as Elegoo, as all Saturn printers are generally similar. The Saturn 2 is a higher model, and we highly recommend this model if you spend slightly more because it gives you a higher build volume and stronger UV LED specs. The Saturn 8K is a model to fill the gap between the previous Saturn S and the Saturn 2K.

The price gap between Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K is only about $20, which is not much for the upgrade you will get from Saturn 2, making the Saturn 8K difficult to recommend. However, if you must maintain the budget to as low as possible and keep the 8K resolution, the Saturn 8K is a choice. Performance is comparable, and you will be happy with either. Additionally, you can pay attention to discounts because it can help you save some while getting the best choice from this lineup.

Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K Design

Resin printers are similar. You will see a base with a touch-screen and a flat surface with a resin vat. A vertical panel holds the building plate, and a transparent cover keeps the fume inside. Resin printers create fume, and they can be toxic to us. As you can see, the Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K have identical designs. But, the Saturn 2 has a bigger build volume and is slightly bigger than Saturn 8K at 12 x 10 x 22 inches versus 11 x 9 x 18 inches.

Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K Build Volume

The first thing you must know about the 3D printer is build volume because we will get stuck with the capacity, as it is only upgradeable if you buy another printer. The Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K are similar, but the Saturn 2 is a higher model and slightly more expensive to give you a bigger build volume of 8.62 x 4.85 x 9.84 inches versus the Saturn 8K at 8.62 x 4.85 x 8.26 inches. The difference seems small, and the price as well.

Consider what you want to make with these resin printers and which capacity matches best. However, we still recommend getting the Saturn 2 because this printer is better in case you need the extra height later. The price difference is too small unless you can get the Saturn 8K at a much lower price.

Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K UV LED

The UV LED is the second difference between Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K. Unlike an FDM printer, the resin printer cures liquid resin, hardening it with UV LED, which is crucial in your machine. The stronger this element, the more reliable it is to help your model be done properly. Elegoo ensures that if you pay slightly more for Saturn 2, the UV LED assembly is better with 48 Parallel LED Matrix versus the 28 Parallel LED Matrix on the Saturn 8K. However, while the on-paper specs are quite different, we don’t see a notable difference in the performance.

Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K Resolution

As for the resolution, the spec is identical on Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K as they use the same 8K panel, making them some of the best mid-range printers to produce highly detailed items. These printers also have the same 10-inch screen and are equally capable of producing high-detailed prints, which are also the upgrade of previous models from the Saturn line. These specs give you 28.5-micron accuracy, almost three times the original Saturn printer, making them excellent upgrades if you already have the previous machine.

Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K Performance

Lastly, we want to see the performance because it is the most crucial part of your 3D printer, and it only makes sense to buy reliable gear. While the specs on paper are different, the actual performance is identical. Setting up the printers is easy because only a few parts require assembly, and you can watch various tutorials for better guides and building tips. 3D printers are generally faster to assemble than an FDM printers, especially those in the same price range. Read also: Elegoo Neptune 2S Vs Ender 3 Pro.

The printed objects are impressive, with excellent details. Both printers also use Chitubox; you can print the design on the USB drive. The result is amazing, and the detail level is identical, so that you can rely on these printers.

Elegoo Saturn 2 Vs Saturn 8K

The Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 8K are some of the best 3D printers in the budget range, but they also differ based on the specs. The Saturn 2 is the higher and better choice because it has a higher build volume and more powerful UV LED assembly. The features and build quality are similar, while the performance is identical. Both printers can make highly detailed items and are relatively easy to use and maintain. The build quality is also similar, and they are sturdy for the application.

-【8K Ultra-High Resolution】7680x4320 pixels LCD screen is packed into Saturn 2, enable to print out works at 28µm high XY resolution, and render the tiniest of features in lifelike detail. All of the prints’ surfaces will be clean and smooth
-【Bigger 10” Mono LCD】10” monochrome LCD and taller Z axis make a jump in printing size, 219x123x250mm/8.6x4.8x9.8 inch large build volume lets your creations have more possibilities. Tempered glass screen protector is added for defense against scratches and resin spills
-【Light Source with Fresnel Lens】Newly design Fresnel collimating light source allows for a uniform light beam across the entire LCD screen and an acclaimed light uniformity of 92%, essential for batch production and large prints
-【For Better Printing Experience】Build-in activated carbon reducing bad odor of resin, and a removable panel on the UV covers is great for those who want to use exhaust system, offering a more comfortable experience. ATTENTION USB port next to the vat is for odor reducing facility ONLY
-【Unmatched Precision】10" 8K Monochrome LCD with 28.5-micron XY resolution for ultra-fine detail and tight tolerances. Scratch-resistant tempered glass with 9H hardness for screen protection.
-【More Space, Better Quality】Large build volume of 219 x 123 x 210 mm for larger models or batch parts, improving printing efficiency.
-【Enhanced Accuracy】28 LEDs matrix UV light source with double convex lens design reduces light scattering and provides powerful light contrast. Vertically projected light at a smaller angle of 5 degrees for improved printing accuracy and reduced tolerances.
-【Sturdy and Reliable】Z-axis driven by linear rails with non-slip hexagon socket leveling screws for stable and accurate motion. Sandblasted build plate for stronger adhesion during printing. PFA release liner (FEP 2.0) for easier model removal.


The decision is yours because we may have different preferences. Still, we recommend the Saturn 2 because it is the higher model, giving you a slightly bigger build volume and better UV LED assembly. The slight price difference should provide a better value than the Saturn 8K unless you can find this printer at a much lower price.