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Elegoo Mars Pro vs Longer Orange 30

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What do you think when you hear a 3-dimensional word? Surely a form that has volume isn’t it. What if we want to design something with real results, not just a projection on a computer screen?

3D printers are the answer to these problems. With the printing process slowly in the same place with thousands of times will build up a layer high enough to make an object that has volume.

This can be used by people to make works that can be sold, such as legos, miniatures of a building, or to make famous characters in small sizes.

In the below, there are two types of printers with reliable quality that might be your choice. With a price difference of around 100 Dollars, both of them have the same quality improvement from previous similar 3d printers, so you can be sure that you get a new experience playing in the world of 3d printing.

Elegoo Mars Pro

All metal case for the bottom part and UV protective case made out of plastic for the upper part made the Elegoo Mars Pro have a very nice design. It also has an active carbon air filter to get rid of the resin smell.

The printing volume you will get with this machine is 11,5 cm by 6,5 cm in the X and Y direction and a height of 15 cm. Then the layer height would have a precision of 0,2 mm down to just 0,02 mm. The precision is given by the lead screw and the step motor inside of the printer.

Elegoo Mars ProLonger Orange 30
Product Dimensions22.3 x 11.2 x 11.2 inches18.8 x 9.2 x 9.1 inches
Shipping Weight18.9 pounds15.15 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Together with the lead screw, they have only one linear rail, but even so, this linear rail with a 0,02 mm precision could give you a pretty good and stable movement without affecting the printing layers.

Well, the X and Y resolutions is given by the LCD screen is of 2560 by 1440 pixels, so that will give you an X and Y resolutions of 0.047 mm. The LCD is monochrome one and advertised to last three times more.

The UV light is given by a set of powerful LEDs from below with a wavelength of 405 nanometers which is quite common because pretty much commercial low-cost resin will work at this wavelength.

You could easily take out the printing plate to clean or adjust it because it is removable. It has a ball-based mechanism so it will move in all directions and be easier to calibrate, the printing plate has a CD shape engraved and sandblasted on it to have a better grip.

The resin vet is always removable so just unscrew the two knobs on the side and you will be able to take it out. To control everything, it has a color touchscreen. You can home the machine from here, set the Z-axis zero position, enable the exposure, and lastly do a print.

Longer Orange 30

Basically, it is the upgraded version of the Alpha Wise W10. Everything was the same so putting the build plate on, the level in the build plate, and get everything set up was identical for Alpha Wise W10 users so they will be familiar with this machine.

The little handle or screw that holds the build plate in its place on the original machine was using a small size. Sometimes that will be bothered if you had resin on your glove’s hand and the screw was very tight, it was too difficult to get that off with your hand. Well, this one went with an already big knob which makes it much better easier to grab and take the build plate on and off.

The VAT has been upgraded so it uses FEP film which is replaceable than the first one, although it’s similar in certain ways, it’s got much larger screws and much more difficult to strip out.

Inside the bottom of the machine, there is a small carbon filter. Resins don’t exactly smell, their carbon activated filter will help to keep up the odors at a minimum.

Alpha Wise W10 actually used a top 480p resolution LCD screen which is not very high density but Orange 30 they have bumped up that 480p LCD screen to a 2k LCD which has much higher density, so your prints are going to have more details, higher resolution, and less pixelation around the outside.

By having a high-resolution LCD screen, it will help you with trying to hit some targets on goals so feature-wise and spec-wise made this machine is night and day superior in quality to that of the Alpha Wise W10. Read also: Anet A6 vs Ender 3 Pro.

Elegoo Mars Pro vs Longer Orange 30

-【Higher Precision and Excellent Performance 】Z axis utilize linear guideway structure, which can achieve steadier motion and greatly enhanced moving accuracy to reduce the layer lines on the 3D printed model and make the surface much smoother. The set screws of the build plate are now upgraded to larger anti-slip hexagon socket screws, which have a more stable leveling result. CNC turning CD pattern on the build plate provides a much stronger adherence, especially when printing large 3D models.
-【 Refreshing and Safer Experience】Mars Pro comes with a silicone rubber seal that can be put on the cover to prevent the resin odor from leaking and keep them inside the cover. Built-in activated carbon can absorb and filter the resin odor before they are ventilated throughout the cooling fan, which gives you a refreshing and safer user experience
-【Light and Convenient 】Remodeled resin vat made of aluminum alloy is light yet sturdy. The USB port is relocated to the front for your convenience. Mars Pro uses a new user interface with a dark theme and simple design.
-【Quality Prints and Consistent Success】Matrix light source consists of 28 50Watt UV LED lights that have uniform light emission, ensuring superior printing results, a more accurate printing size, and saves your time by 25% in layer exposure time. Mars Pro is the first resin-based 3D printer to use the sliced file of .ctb format, which reduces the file size by an average of 90% compared to .cbddlp format and significantly increased the printing success rate when printing bigger models.
- SLA 3D Printer. Rapid prototyping, big printing size with precise details. Valued entry-level LCD light curing 3D printer.
- Smart Supports Generation. One-click generates supports with cross-link enhanced structure, easy to add, modify or delete supports.
- User Friendly. The resin 3D printer with 2.8' full color touch screen, a friendly interactive interface allows you to preview and monitor print status in real-time.
- Fast Slicing. Longer self-developed slicing software allows you to quickly output 100M slicing file within 1 minute.


Despite the improvement of the Elegoo Mars Pro is exactly not a massive improvement to the useability of the product. That’s because Elegoo still provides prices that are not too expensive for its users. Likewise with the Longer Orange 30, which is quite expensive coupled with quality improvements, such as larger build surfaces, stronger power supplies, and so on, making Orange 30 suitable for 3d makers who have a high budget to perfect their work.