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Artillery Sidewinder X1 vs CR-10s Pro

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3D printers have progressed significantly in the past few years. Initially consigned to huge modern cycles, they encountered a bit of a blast during the 2010s, when the innovation became reasonable to small workplaces, design firms, and hobbyists. 

From that point forward, 3D printers have advanced alongside various vectors. Low price, high-resolution resin printers have joined filament-based (or FDM) printers in the home and specialist market. 

Regardless of why you are keen on 3D printing, we got you secured. In this article, we have made it simple for you to locate the best 3D printer for four of the most well-known applications: proficient, modern, education, and home use. 

Creality 3D printers are notable among specialists with two arrangements of reasonable machines – CR-10s Pro and Ender, marketed in a few versions and generations. The newcomer Evnovo, directed Creality clients with substantial weapons – Artillery Sidewinder X1 and Artillery Genius. 

In this article, we will compare next to each other Artillery Sidewinder X1 and CR-10s Pro from Creality. These are the hot printers at the present time, particularly for those looking for a solid and easy-to-maintain or upgrade budget machine under 500 USD.

So, without further ado, let us check the comparison article down below.


  • Artillery Sidewinder X1:

Artillery Sidewinder X1 is one of the Creality CR-10-style printers that surfaced after the colossal achievement of the model. In any case, the Sidewinder X1 is definitely not a simple clone, neither from the introduced tech nor from the general appearance. Read also: Ender 5 Pro vs Plus.

In contrast to its source of inspiration, Artillery Sidewinder X1 has the power supply, mainboard, and touchscreen conveniently put away in the base unit. This gives the 3D printer a smooth and expert appearance, very dissimilar to comparably estimated printers that put out considerably more of a DIY-vibe. 

  • CR-10s Pro:

Right off the bat, the machine looks modern for a Creality 3D printer. It is smooth without the standard bird’s nest of wires wherever the organization’s numerous different printers experience the ill effects of. 

Artillery Sidewinder X1Creality CR-10S Pro
Product Dimensions30.5 x 21 x 9.5 inches19.29 x 25.59 x 25.59 inches
Shipping Weight36.38 Pounds37.26 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

They have additionally put the brain of the machine underneath it so it does not add to the printer’s impression. This additionally helps keep it strong and stable because of the additional weight. 

In the same way as other Creality machines, the power switch and the USB drive or micro SD card drive are fairly awkwardly found. The force switch is towards the back and the USB drive or micro SD card drive spaces are towards the front on the right side of the machine. 

Power Supply 

Both 3D printers are running on 24 V. Artillery Sidewinder X1 has little fanless PSU in light of the fact that the heated bed, which is the fundamental burden, is on AC 110 or 220 V. 

It is not fueled by the PSU, however, directly from the system through a SSR. The fanless PSU adds to more quiet activity. 

CR-10s Pro is equipped with a quality Mean Well 350 W / 24 V power supply. 


CR-10s Pro has standard cabling (with isolated wires) and a decent cable management. Artillery Sidewinder X1 utilizes strip cables, which gives it an extremely rich look. 

We give our point to Creality. however, in light of the fact that we like straightforwardness. Standard wiring just makes it simple to include or take out components and gives you more opportunity to redesign the printer.

User Experience 

  • Artillery Sidewinder X1:

The Sidewinder X1’s menu is punchy with a great deal of hues and convinces effortlessly of utilization. Furthermore, that is basically everything to state about it.

You touch it and it does the things you touch. The inbuilt highlights, for example, filament runout sensor or the resume print work worked faultlessly.

The filament runout is particularly acceptable as the Sidewinder X1’s bed remains warmed when the filament runs out so as to keep the print followed. This lets you return even hours after to include new material and restart the print without the dread of the print detaching.

Yet, make a point not to physically move the print bed when exchanging filament, in any case the printer loses its directions and your print will fall flat. 

  • CR-10s Pro:

Creality promotes the bed-leveling as automatic and this is valid, with one proviso: You need to physically level the plate at first yourself. From that point onward, the BL-Touch sensor can make up for the rest ensuring that the layers are uniform over the bed. 

All in all, printing with this machine was very easy. What was likewise simple was utilizing Creality’s Cura-controlled slicer, the imaginatively named Creality Slicer, which gives you the alternatives to utilize either Full, Expert or Quickprint settings relying upon your degree of skill and how refined you need your print to be. 

All the settings are actually equivalent to Cura, only a more established variant of it. 

Similarities in Features 

Both Artillery Sidewinder X1 and CR-10s Pro offer a large portion of the cutting-edge and regularly futile highlights like filament runout sensor, print continue after power blackout, quiet TMC step sticks. Artillery Sidewinder X1 has a MKS Gen L control board with swappable stepper drivers (TMC2100 installed) while CR-10s Pro comes with a Creality board with coordinated TMC2208 stepper drivers. 

Both control sheets are 8-bit. 

Artillery Sidewinder X1 vs CR-10s Pro

- Expandable filament holder, support 0.5-3kg filament roll.Easy assembly, come 95% pre-assembled.
- FFC cabling system, tidy, good looking.Synchronized Dual Z System, stabler X axis, always level on both ends.
- Direct Drive Extruder with Volcano nozzle, better control over fast extrusion.
- AC heated glass build platform, faster heating, 80C in 80 seconds, 110C in 130 seconds.
- Upgraded Silent Motherboard: CR-10S Pro V2 adopts V2.4.1 independently developed silent motherboard, which demonstrates firm properties as well as reduces noise.
- 500W Meanwell Power Supply: Comes with a UL Certified Meanwell power supply. 500W large power and wide voltage power supply. 100V-240V can be used, no need to adjust. It's convenient and fast, ensuring long-term stable printing.
- High-quality Extrusion Mechanism: Bondtech gear extrusion structure has double high-density gears and big extrusion force for smooth feeding. Z-axis double screw: good synchronization, moving more smoothly with more accurate printing.
- PTFE Tube: Imported Capricorn blue PTFE tube with high temperature resistant makes the feeding smoother and ensure great printing texture.

Final Verdict 

Artillery Sidewinder X1 and CR-10s Pro are incredible printers with huge build volume and pleasant highlights. They guarantee great printing quality and speed. 

Along with CR-10s Pro they speak to the best of cartesian 3D printing innovation for large prints. The Artillery X1 is today 100 USD less expensive than the CR-10s Pro and we feel there is more for the cash. 

Equipment is not all that matters, however. Creality has greater network and huge amounts of mods and updates accessible.

CR-10s Pro is an incredible machine, however, since we feel like the company is attempting to augment the benefit by selling improved parts on banalized machines, we prefer Artillery Sidewinder X1 more for the advancement they bring to budget cartesian printers, particularly the AC heated bed and the stable direct drive extruder.