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Anycubic Mega X vs Mega S 

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The presence of 3d printers was welcomed with high enthusiasm from people around the world. This snapper that is capable of producing various kinds of objects with this volume is considered as an answer to various types of human needs. Various fields ranging from industry, education, health to households consider 3d printing machines as a solution to their various problems. This is not something wrong considering the advantages of a 3d printer that can provide the best features in the latest technology.

If usually, a printer can only print 2-dimensional objects, now this has been displaced by the emergence of 3-dimensional printers. Items that were previously impossible to print can be printed easily through a cool 3d printer. You will feel like you are in the future when operating a 3d printer. You will also feel like you are in a movie when using a 3d printer. Any object will be printed quickly through the sophistication under this 3d printer.

Because of the sophistication under 3D printers, the interest in 3D printers is increasing. Not only the commercial world needs this 3d printer, but also the personal world. Many individuals try to have a 3d printer to fulfil their needs. The convenience of owning a 3d printer is one of the reasons many people buy it. Even everyone can print any shape through a 3d printer, great isn’t it?

Realizing the many benefits provided by 3d printers, printer technology development companies began to launch their flagship 3d printer products. One company that continues to exist in the printer market is Anycubic. The Anycubic company is already popular with a wide variety of 3d printer products consisting of various series. The famous series include Anycubic Mega X and Mega S.

The price offered is not much different, so many people choose the two printers. Reportedly, the two products have the same advantages in print results. However, is that true? To prove it, consider the reviews below.

Anycubic Mega X

Anycubic Mega X is a high-quality 3d printer. For nearly $ 500, you will get a printing machine that has optimal performance. Comes with a fast assembly process, Mega X is offered in two modules. All you need to do to assemble this printing machine is to install 12 screws and 3 cables. The easy installation of this printer allows beginners to easily assemble right out of the box.

For precision matters, the Mega X 3d printer has a high level of printing precision. This is because the product is equipped with a Y-Axis double-sided design and a Z-axis double screw rod design. Also, there is pitting on the skin and the texture on the clothes can appear. This will give an excellent print on the object you want. Read also: Creality CR 10 vs Anycubic i3 Mega.

Anycubic Mega XAnycubic Mega S 
Product Dimensions26 x 24 x 10.6 inches16.14 x 15.95 x 17.83 inches
Shipping Weight42.85 Pounds24.25 Pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Mega X allows you to print 90% models that other 3d printers can’t. This helps you create more space to fulfil your fantastic ideas. You can feel this feature because this FDM printer is equipped with a larger build space of up to 300 x 300 x 305 mm. It will be fun for whoever wears it.

You won’t find the hassle of stickers anymore if you use a Mega X 3d printer. This is because the surface of the ultrabase bed already comes with a patented microporous coating. This feature allows the print to hold firmly during the printing process and to fall off easily from the bed when it has cooled to room temperature at the end of the print. This bed won’t go over 90 degrees.

If when printing suddenly the power turns off, you don’t need to repeat the print from the beginning again. You only have to continue the printing process through the continue printing feature with just one click to continue from the last position recorded when the power went out. The TFT Touch Screen feature is also very responsive like you are using a touch screen cellphone. You don’t need to worry if a problem occurs because Mega X is supported with lifelong technical support.

Anycubic Mega S

Anycubic Mega S is one of the popular Mega series 3d printers on the market. For one Mega S unit, you only need to pay around 300 dollars. This amount is a cheap number compared to other Mega series. Even though it is offered at a low price, the quality of the Mega S is not inferior to other products. The proof is that this product is the choice of many users and is highly recommended.

This 3d printer comes with easy installation. You only need 3 steps to set up the printer the first time. No need to bother with the installation. You only need to install with 8 screws in a few minutes. This can be a lot of fun even for a beginner level.

In the extruder, there is a solid filament drive and a mechanical design that is compatible with most filaments. This reduces the risk of clogging and improves printing accuracy. You can easily adjust the extruder on the corner logo for customization needs at any time. Mega S is also equipped with excellent adhesion when printing. So that it gives the impression that it was never attached to the bed after it was cold because the quality of the cable would not be loose.

There is also a sensor feature that will stop printing and sound an alarm when the filament runs out. This sensor feature will help you save time and money. Interesting right? You can even print anything with a print volume of up to 8.27 x 8.27 x 8.07 inches.

The good news for customers is that the warranty is available for up to one year. Not only that, but customers will also get lifetime technical assistance and 24-hour response. This will help you if at any time there is a problem with the printing you are doing.

Anycubic Mega X vs Mega S 

-【Fast Assembly】: Mega X 3D printer came in two modules and all it takes is to plug in 12 screws and 3 cables; easy to assemble and get printing right out of the box; Perfect choice for beginners and veteran.
-【High Print Precision】: This 3D Printer’s print precision is greatly improved by equipping it with Y Axis Dual Sideway Design and Z-axis dual screw rod design. The pitting in the skin and texture in the clothing all can shows up.
【Large Build Volume】: This FDM printer comes with larger build spaces available. At 300*300*305mm, able to print models that 90% of other 3d printers could not. More space for fulfilling your fantastic idea.
-【Patented Heat Bed】: No hassle of sticker any more; Ultrabase bed surface coated with patented microporous coating,
- Works Out of the Box:3 steps to set up the printer with fix 8 screws within minutes not only to an expert user but also to beginner.
- Updated Extruder: Taitan extruder with its solid filament drive and overall mechanical design compatible with most filaments, reduced the clogging risk and improve printing accuracy. You could easily adjust the extruder refer the adjusting angle logo.
※ Anycubic Ultrabase:Patented printing platform with excellent adhesion whilst printing and pop off like they were never attached to the bed once it cools down. We not only upgrade the platform plate but also improve quality of the wires that won't be loose.
- Filament Sensor & Large Built Volume:The sensor pause prints and set off an alarm when you run out of filament which saves time and cost , printing volume reach 8.27 x 8.27 x 8.07 inch


After reading the review, what did you get? Between the two 3d printers, the winner is Anycubic Mega X. The Mega X series does come with higher quality features. The print results are better and the texture is clearer. You will find the best of 3D printer in Mega X. However, if Mega X is too expensive for you, you can buy Mega S which is also liked by many customers.