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ANYCUBIC Chiron Vs CR 10S Pro

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FDM printers are very convenient and very easy to use for those who are interested in additive manufacturing or like crafting. For those who are also going to buy an FDM printer, models like ANYCUBIC Chiron Vs CR 10S Pro are both affordable but still deliver an amazing printing result. You don’t have to put much or any upgrade for these machines but, before making a decision, do check what they can offer below so then we can find the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are 3D Printers
  • What are ANYCUBIC Chiron and CR 10S Pro
  • What ANYCUBIC Chiron and CR 10S Pro Look Like
  • How are the Build Volume of ANYCUBIC Chiron and CR 10S Pro
  • How are the Levelling Process in ANYCUBIC Chiron and CR 10S Pro
  • How are the Print Result of ANYCUBIC Chiron and CR 10S Pro
  • ANYCUBIC Chiron Vs CR 10S Pro

3D Printers

Creating something is fun, not only it can expand your creativity but also a great hobby to fill your free time and even improve your mood as well when you have nothing to do. There are so many crafts or activities that you can try especially if you have patience and love to learn new stuff. Additive manufacturing is probably what took your interest and as many can guess, this is a very trendy hobby nowadays including those who have a taste for new technologies.

ANYCUBIC Chiron CR 10S Pro
Product Dimensions29.3 x 26.1 x 10.4 inches25.2 x 20.87 x 12.99 inches
Shipping Weight20.5 pounds35.94 pounds
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The machine name is called a 3D printer and while they have been around for quite some time, not all people are familiar yet with how they work. As the name suggests, they are a machine used to build a three dimensional object and the mechanism is almost identical to a regular paper printer we have at home. Depending on which machine you have, the mechanism is a bit different but using the FDM models for example such as ANYCUBIC Mega X Vs Ender 3, this type uses a solid filament.

The solid filament is like a string that comes in a roll and it is then heated by the printer hot end. It then will be put on top of its build plate layer by layer, just like a regular printer with its ink but the material can stick higher and stick to each other until forming the model based on the design you feed the machine with. Another example is SLA printer or resin printer which instead of solid filament is using liquid resin as the build material.

This type of machine will put its liquid material in a vat and then there is an LCD below the vat to cure the resin. The process is done layer by layer similarly to an FDM printer but since the material is liquid, your model will come out of the vat upside down as the build plate is installed at the top. Worry not since SLA printer build plates are usually designed for the material to stick on its surface and this is because the surface is not completely smooth to provide grip.

Both machines are great for anyone who wants to be creative and wants to build something or need a machine for their prototyping purpose. The machines are working relatively fast depending on the size of model while also convenient as you can leave them unassisted when processing. What you also have to put effort besides learning on how the machine works is the software itself since it affects your printing result too.

About ANYCUBIC Chiron and CR 10S Pro

Not all people will reap the maximum benefit from a 3D printer but we are sure those with the hobby will have lots of fun with the machine. In general all 3D printers are the same in terms of the ability to help you create something from a basic material whether it is solid or liquid but different machines will have their own characteristics and depending on how well they are made, your experience with them may differ. Personally if we want to save time, popular models often work well.

There are several popular machines out there with their own offering but chances are we have different preferences based on what you want to make with them. 3D printers used to be quite expensive in the past but nowadays you can find quite a lot of new manufacturers offering their own machines even starting at a very low price but ANYCUBIC and Creality are two ideal brands if you want to get the best of both good quality products and affordable price.

Their machines are not fancy but ideal for beginner or enthusiast and hobbyist who want to have 3D printers at home. They also have a variety of models to fit with your budget or preference and overall most of their machines are working really well including for these ANYCUBIC Chiron and CR 10S Pro. These machines are two of the best choices for users who are aiming for medium size because they are capable of creating pretty large items.

While all 3D printers are able to make three dimensional objects based on your design, what can’t be bumped up is the capacity or volume itself so the bigger the model you will need, the more budget we have to spare. ANYCUBIC Chiron and CR 10S Pro are definitely not the biggest you can find out there but for machines in this price range they are going to deliver much power but also pretty large printing results without ignoring the quality.

ANYCUBIC Chiron and CR 10S Pro Design

Just like any 3D printers in this price range, you will see them come unassembled but they are not a 3D kit so it won’t take that much time to put everything together. We are happy to see both of them are only separating the bottom part of the machine to the upper component so there are not many screws to work with. The machine itself turns out to be quite huge and tall so be prepared to spare some space.

Another factor we like from these machines is their construction because as you can see, all of them are steel and feel very robust when assembled properly. Their components are also streamlined with the machine and one thing,if you have used the original CR10, we adore how Creality decided to finally incorporate the power housing into the machine itself to make it looks cleaner and just overall better without much clutter. If you notice, the CR 10S Pro moves its filament holder at the top while the Chiron has it next to the machine.

ANYCUBIC Chiron and CR 10S Pro Printing Volume

As it has been mentioned above, one of the most important parts when choosing a 3D printer is their capacity because you can’t bump them and every machine has their maximum build volume which is why bigger machines will also cost higher. In this part both ANYCUBIC Chiron and CR 10S Pro are similar but not the same and the difference is quite a lot if you are really concern about the build volume at 400mm long, 400mm wide, and 450mm tall compared to 300mm long by 300mm wide, and 400mm tall.

Moving to the build plate itself, as you can see both of them are also regular the type you can find in most printers and you will definitely need a scraper to remove the printed model. The printing bed is heated and the companies claimed that they can go up to 100 degree or even up to 110 degree Celsius for Creality while the nozzle temperature itself is about 250 degree.

ANYCUBIC Chiron and CR 10S Pro Levelling

Next we want to mention the setup process of these machines because this is often very stressful especially for new users. Just like many already knew, we need to level the print head and the bed and this is done manually first in CR 10S Pro using paper. After done with initial leveling, we can start using the auto leveling. There is something special about Chiron in this side and it is the Probe and Advance leveling setting.

Probe is done first to see which point the printer needs adjustment so we can get a better idea about the problem area and after you are done, we can start using the Advance solution which sets a 25 points on top of the print bed so you can fine tune it with less effort.

ANYCUBIC Chiron and CR 10S Pro Result

The last part we want to talk about is their printing result because they are what most important in a printing machine. In this part we can say that the models printed with these machines are amazing and come out nicely from the first try. The key is leveling the bed because when this is done properly we will most likely get a good printed object. There is no prominent issue with overhang or stringing but fine details are not the best with any of them.

ANYCUBIC Chiron Vs CR 10S Pro

These printers are amazing for those who are looking at a medium machine depending on what they want to make. The difference between the two is on the build capacity and the convenience when leveling because Chiron can make a larger model while also more convenient and more fine-tuned in leveling ability. The results seem to be fine out of the box but you will need to tweak the machine to reach their full potential.

- Huge Build Volume: 15.75'' x 15.75'' x 17.72''(400*400*450mm), more space for creation.
- Semi-auto Leveling: Automatically detect 25 points, supports real-time adjustment, real-time nozzle height adjusting. Note: Please make auto leveling module contact well with the printer, we have upgraded the wire of the module for better connection.
- High Quality Extruder: Compatible with more filaments, provides better printing experience of flexibles.
- Dual Z Axis Switches: Photoelectric limit switch offers more stable levelness of the print bed.
- Upgrade CR-10S with Imported Teflon Tube
- Meanwell Power Supply
- Bondtech double gear extrusion mechanism
- Resume printing and filament detector


All in all you can go amazing with any of them and personally we like their results but in comparison we will recommend the Chiron among the two because they are better in the bed levelling which is often stressing while the printed object comes with good results even at first try.